Workshop, Panels, and Discussions @ PZS

= Saturday Workshops =

Punk Love: The Art of the DIY Love/Breakup Letter – Julia Arredondo/ Saturday 11-12, Interstate Room

This workshop aims to emphasize the importance of the physical love letter/ breakup letter in a world if digitally transmitted emotions. Through hands-on workshops and a visual trip through historical and contemporary examples, attendees will gain better insight on the importance of tangible devotionals. Punk Love aims to tackle the ups and downs of romance with a healthy dose of good humor.

Illustrating For the Non-Artist – Martha Grover / Saturday 11-1230, Hawthorne Room

Have you ever wanted to illustrate your own zine but have been too intimidated? Learn how to creatively integrate images into your storytelling. I’ll cover some basic tricks and techniques to jump-start the spatial and visual side of your brain. This workshop will cover drawing fundamentals and other kinds of images you may have overlooked – like maps, diagrams and graphs.

From the Bottom Up: Zine Based Curriculum for All Ages – Cheyenne & Sarah / Saturday 12-1:30, Interstate Room

Discover zines as a way to claim your education! Zines are a valuable teaching tool, and a great way to engage with learning hands; here we will show & tell how to use zines in lesson plans. Local zinesters Sarah & Cheyenne have been teaching with zines for years, and we will discuss the use of different structures (self-guided, small groups, class-wide) and share with you the soaring possibilities of incorporating creative self-publishing into learning for all. Participants will work on their own educational zine (and have an opportunity to teach the rest of us a thing or two!) All teaching/learning backgrounds and skill levels encouraged.

Pizza, TGIFriday’s & Ghost Stories: Creative Community Building for Zinesters – Nicki Yowell / Saturday 12-1, Steel Room

Besides Kinko’s, zine fests and the occasional reading, self-publishing can be a solitary form. This workshop will explore non-traditional modes of community building for zinesters. We will explore methods used by Self-Publishers of Chicago (SPOC) as a jumping off point to discuss ways to create connections for zinesters year-round.

First will be a short presentation about SPOC, including a summary of some of our events and projects and possibly a rap or two. Then we will conduct a discussion group about how others have formed organizations to bring together writers, artists and any and all who publish. To finish, we’ll brainstorm ideas about where to go from here.

Women of Color and Zines – Tonya Jones / Saturday 1-2, Hawthorne Room

The WOC Zine group will lead a discussion on why zines/DIY culture can be empowering for women of color. The group will also share information about their workshops, past symposiums, and their current collaboration with the POC Zine Project (based in NYC). The workshop is open to all.

Non-Schmoozy Marketing for Zines  – Rachel Lee-Carman & Nathan Wade Carter & Joshua James Amberson/ Saturday 1-230, Steel Room

This workshop focuses on the stages of marketing one’s zine. From creating eye-catching covers to distributing to reviewers and distros, creating mail appeals, using social networking and other resources and participating in international independent press festivals and conferences.

There’s No South Side in a Zine Library: Breaking the Color Line of Zine Archiving – Marya Errin Jones & Christopher Wilde / Saturday 2-3, Interstate Room

There’s No South Side in a Zine Library: Breaking the Color Line of Zine Archiving will launch a panel discussion on strategies to diversify an existing zine collection to better reflect the diversity of individuals producing zines today. Using ideas raised at the 2013 Zine Librarians (un)Conference, this panel will discuss and identify barriers to integrating strong, balanced collections, and leave participants with solid approaches to bridging the gap between communities via an open chat.

Zine Libraries and You. – Kelly McElroy & Matthew Murray & Kelsey Smith/ Saturday 3-430, Interstate Room

Hear an update on recent zine library activities (the Iowa City Zine Librarian (un)Conference, the Zine Pavilion at the American Library Association conference, and more) and create themed lists of zines to help librarians do readers advisory!

Writing from the Shadows: Collaborative storytelling and the art of writing for illustration. – Matthew Ocasio / Saturday 4-5, Steel Room

Whether you’re a writer looking to liven up the monotony of prose, a comicker who spends more time with comma placement than panel placement, or even an artist curious how writers think, this class will cover the fundamentals of comic scriptwriting and effectively integrating illustration into your prose. Know this: SOMEBODY WANTS TO ILLUSTRATE YOUR STORY, if you’re willing to work for it.

Kitchen Table Therapy: Self-Care in Terrible Times – Terri / Saturday 4-5, Hawthorne Room

What do you do to keep yourself well? What can we, as a community, do to support each other as we navigate mental illness/health?

We will start with a quick discussion about mental illness and our strengths and resources. The second half will be making a small comp zine talking about the things we do to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

= Sunday Workshops =

A Shift in Perspective  – Finn Graves / Sunday 10-11, Interstate Room

This is a list poetry exercise that enlivens the mind and gets blocked neurons firing again. Perfect for the poetic body builders who enjoy adding tools to their kits.

PZS: Land of Heroes (a children’s workshop) – Lillie Craw / Sunday 11-12, Hawthorne Room

In this hour-long workshop kids will make zines featuring themselves as heroes! Through guided art and writing exercises they’ll answer the questions: What is a hero? How are they born? Do they exist today? Are you a hero?

Books on Greek, Inuit, African American, Russian (and more!) heroes will be available for reference. This workshop will be led by Lillie Craw, published author and founder of The Sampo School ( which installs the magic of the written word in Portland youth through professional and accessible writing mentoring. For ages 8-12.

Zinester Pecha Kucha – Kelsey Smith & Joshua James Amberson/ Sunday 12-130, Interstate Room

Pecha Kuchas are highly visual “lightning presentations” that consist of 20 slides and 20 seconds of talk time for each slide In Zinester Pecha Kucha, eight particpants will give eight 6 minutes and 40 seconds presentations about zines and DIY culture. Sure to be fast-paced and highly entertaining.

Let’s Talk About Zine Digitization  – Emily van der Harten / Sunday 1-2, Steel Room

This workshop focuses on the pros and cons of digitizing zines for archival and other purposes. What are the benefits of utilizing the digital age for preservation and access, and what are its shortcomings? In this discussion, we will put our heads together to flesh out benefits and concerns from a political, ethical and technical standpoint, and we will try to discern the conditions under which zine digitization can be a viable practice for archives across the country.

Paper Folding for Zines – Tom Lechner / Sunday 1-130, Hawthorne Room

Learn to fold paper for creative impositioning: folding paper to achieve a desired size and page count from the minimum number of original sheets of paper. We’ll touch on both analog and digital methods to make it easy, and discuss various methods of simple binding.

Let’s Grow DIY: Where Will Your Zine Take You? – Eleanor Whitney / Sunday 2-3, Interstate Room

Where will your zine take you next? Turn the excitement, inspiration and motivation you feel at the zine symposium into the basis for your next creative project. This interactive workshop and skill sharing session will enable you to articulate a goal for your project, be it a zine, distro, small press or other DIY creative endeavor, identify the resources you need to take the next step and sustain yourself creatively, and connect with potential collaborators and supporters. It is facilitated by Eleanor Whitney, longtime zinester and author of Grow: How to Take Your Do it Yourself Project and Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job! and will include a short presentation on resources for funding, education, and materials available to zinesters and do it yourself makers.

Drawing with Ease: The Art of Making Simple Comics – Chelsea Baker / Sunday 2-3, Hawthorne Room

This cartooning workshop is for people of all (or no) drawing skills. Attendees will learn fun and easy tricks for drawing simple cartoons to convey ideas effectively.

A Whole Approach To Coping with Depression and Anxiety – Sage Liskey / Sunday 3-4, Steel Room

Learn how to cope with episodes of depression and anxiety. The material will cover activities to do, medicines to ingest, nutrients to fortify, foods to eat, and thoughts to think. Information provided attempts to be unbiased and based purely on research and personal experience.

Plein Air Past the Impressionists – Nate Orton / Sunday 4-430, Hawthorne Room

MY DAY zine discussion. Taking the Plein Air methods of the Impressionists and beyond and applying them to DIY zine culture. In the second half of the workshop, we will write, draw and/or photograph our environment (the Symposium) then collectively arrange our creations in cut and paste zine form following the MY DAY method.


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