Hang Posters for the 3rd AmaZine Day!


I snapped this photo of the volunteer packs that fellow organizer Sarah assembled for us to leave at the IPRC for anyone awesome enough to help promote the 3rd AmaZine Day by hanging up posters and distributing fliers around Portland!

We left a huge stack of posters and handbills at both the IPRC and Portland Button Works for anyone to drop by and pick them up (during open hours). If you can, we wanted to reward you for being apart of our “street team” with something most zinesters love… Sarah handpicked postcards, stationary pads, pens, pencils, and more to be assembled in these “Thank You!” packs. If you do hang up posters and distribute fliers for us, be sure to let us know by emailing us at pdxzines@gmail.com and telling us what part of town you covered…. And be sure to grab one of these rad “Thank You!” packs!

In case you haven’t seen ‘em yet, here’s what the posters look like….


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