Newsletter Post – Tabling, Workshop, and Volunteer Registrations!

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Hey PZS fans,
We’ve been having an eventful couple of weeks, here’s what we’re updating you about…
1. Registration is open, but you probably knew that! It’s been thrilling so far…
2. The PZS Workshop Application is LIVE!
3. PZS is looking for a screen printer to do the 2013 PZS shirts.
4. We’re always looking for more volunteers, get involved!
1. Registration is open, but you probably knew that! It’s been thrilling so far…
We launched registration for tabling space at the 13th Annual Portland Zine Symposium on March 25th. The first few days, we had over 100 applications! PZS strives to be inclusive, so registration is first come, first serve (as long as ya got zines). We built our own registration forms for the new site using google docs, which has saved us a fair amount of money, but it also means that we send out invoices manually this year. Payment confirmations are manual as well. due to this do-it-ourselves approach and the fact that the organizing collective is all-volunteer, it may take a couple of days to get your invoice once you register. We have really appreciated everyone’s patience and excitement. Thanks so much for being apart of PZS! If you haven’t registered yet, we have at least 40 more spaces before we transition to having to start a waiting list. So, if you or a ziney friend haven’t hit up our site to reserve your spot, you might want to get on that! You can find the registration form here…
2. The PZS Workshop Application is LIVE!

We finalized the workshop application for this year and we’re super stoked to see what workshops, panels, or discussions our community members step up facilitate. If you are interested in facilitating a workshop, panel, or discussion, just fill out the application. The PZS organizing collective votes on every application we receive, then we let you know. If you do facilitate a workshop, panel, or discussion, you’ll be compensated with a small tabling space for your work. Due to our budget constraints, we can only provide one complimentary small tabling space for any workshop, even if it is led by multiple people. We can also only provide only one small space per person, even if you lead multiple workshops. Check out the form here…

3. PZS is looking for a rad screen printer to do the 2013 shirts.

While we’ve used a few different screen printers over the years, we wanted to put out there to PZS fans that we are beginning our price comparisons for this year’s screen printer and open to new suggestions. As an non profit organization, it would be especially nice to find a screenprinteer that would be willing to donate at least part of the cost for a tax write-off and we, of course, can provide our Federal Tax ID Number. Beyond that, however, we’d really like to give our community business.  We’d also like to find a screen printer who would be willing to print on used shirts, do an initial batch before the main run (about 20 shirts, saving the screen for future printings after all our pre-orders come in for the 2013 design), and can print with white and black ink on red with care. The screen printer would be printing the incredible 2013 design ( incredible poster by Asher Craw ( Please contact us at if you are interested or know of anyone!
4. We’re always looking for more volunteers, get involved today!
Another new form up on our website is our volunteer form, which helps you figure out how and when you want to help out PZS and connects us to you. If you want to help PZS, we have a variety of opportunities for you to get involved. Check out the form here…
With Respect,
The PZS Organizers

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