Newsletter Post! – January 25th

Here’s our latest newsletter, sent out to our mailing list on January 25th, in which we talk about AmaZine Day, helping us with promotions, ValenZine Week (there are so many zine events the week before Valentine’s Day), and our last ditch efforts to find an affordable venue that can accommodate us for 2013 (we may just end up back at Refuge for one more year).
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1. AmaZine Day!
Please join us for the 3rd-ever AmaZine Day, a quarterly mini-zine fest held at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (1001 SE Division) on February 9th from 2-6 pm. We will be having a bake sale and hot cider for you to enjoy. At 3pm we’ll have a ValenZine workshop to learn how to make a single-sheet zine to express your love for someone special. At 5pm we’ll be having love and anti-love readings by Gabby Holden, Liz Moyer, Emily Kendal Frey, and more. Check out this video of the first AmaZine Day!
The event is free to attend, or sign up for a slice of table for $5 in-person at the IPRC. When you stop by to sign up, grab a stack of flyers to help promote the event! All proceeds from the event will benefit the Portland Zine Symposium and the IPRC.
2. Help us Flyer!
Help us get the word out about our AmaZine fundraisers! On Saturday Jan. 26 and Sunday Jan. 27 (this weekend!), pick up AmaZine Day flyers and handbills from either the IPRC in SE (1001 SE Division) or Portland Button Works in North Portland (1322 N. Killingsworth St.) We’ll have special surprise packs for those of you who stop by to help out!
3. ValenZine Week
And if AmaZine Day isn’t enough for you, there are two other events to celebrate during ValenZine Week….
On Monday, February 11th at 7:30pm, Portland Button Works (1322 North Killingsworth) will be hosting a Mend My Dress Press Anniversary Zine Tour!  Neelybat Chestnut (Mend My Dress: Collected Zines), Osa Atoe (Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection), and Maranda Elizabeth (Telegram: A Collection of 27 Issues) will be heading down the northwest coast, making stops along the way for zine readings. This event is FREE!On Wednesday, February 13th, from 6pm – 7:45pm at the North Portland Library (512 N. Killingsworth), come to “Zinesters, meet My MCL; My MCL, meet Zinesters: A Social.” Imagine a library catalog that includes the social functions of Facebook; the searching ability of Google; and the types of reviews, comments and cover photos of books you find at Amazon — an interactive catalog! We’ve got one now, it’s called My MCL, and we could think of only one group who could immediately make the most it: Zinesters! 
My MCL can offer you a way to reach your local audience, bring in new readers and publicize your work. The library benefits when you create lists to share with readers, create bookshelves like on Goodreads, and tag our collection with information that makes finding stuff fun and easy. Join guest hosts Moe Bowstern and Alex Wrekk and our zine librarians as we show you the ins and outs of My MCL. Let the tagging begin! We’ll have treats, too.
4. Venue Search
Portland Zine Symposium is STILL looking for a new home for our event! If you know of any LARGE, cheap, and ADA accessible spaces that might work for us, please let us know! Also, if you have suggestions of other people to talk to about this, please send them our way, and we can do the rest.
Yours truly,
The 2013 Portland Zine Symposium Organizers

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