3rd AmaZine Day Recap & Photos!

We had a really great AmaZine Day back on February 9th!

Thank you so much to the incredibly huge crowd and tablers that filled the Independent Publishing Resource Center!

Another thanks goes to A.M. O’Malley for curating the reading and to all the awesome readers (Emily Kendall Frey, Gabby Holden, Liz Moyer, Gabby Holden, and Ruji Chapnik). The single-sheet “ValenZine” workshop was a hit, too, thanks to all those who attended! Big ups to Art Institute for being there to film a “commercial” for IPRC. Thanks to all who helped us flier and to the Mercury and Willamette Week for including AmaZine Day in their print editions. Finally, thanks to IPRC volunteer Reid Psaltis for helping and staying late to break down the event!

Did you miss the 3rd AmaZine Day on February 9th? Well, check out the awesome photos that PZS organizers Katie, Morgan, and Blue took!

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Aaaaand here are photos from a couple of the talented tablers, Monica and Souther!
(You can check out Monica and Souther’s website for their Trading Tortoise project here… tradingtortoise.com)

And, finally, here’s a funny video Ruji’s friend Nicole took of her and Blue reading Don Depresso!


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