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PZS 2017 EXHIBITOR INTERVIEWS: Chronically Badass

This year PZS will have different exhibitors Saturday and Sunday. You will find Chronically Badass on Saturday Project Name - Chronically Badass (Spoonie Living) 1 - I got into zines when I saw a need in the disability/chronic illness community for some sort of welcome wagon/getting started guide for newly disabled folks, and decided to fill it myself. I had been seeing zines here and there ever since I moved to the Portland from the east coast, and the format seemed perfect for the sort of publication I had in mind. Now I can't stop thinking of other zines I want to make! 2- Oh boy, I think I'm already doing it! I blog, build websites, and produce resources for a variety of needs. My favorite topics are chronic illness and disability (natch), sex ed, relationships, polyamory, communication, gender, other LGBTQ issues, and social justice. 3- I mostly get inspired when I find myself wishing I had something to solve a problem, like what happened with my zine. Sometimes I'll think about making something for myself, and then realize others might find it useful, too. Past that, I'm primarily inspired by social justice advocates and the open source crowd. 4- Too many! I want to finish up work on my two current websites, and then move on to LetsTalkAboutGender.com (not currently active), where I'll be writing up a quick introduction to trans issues. The plan is for trans folks and allies to be able to send people to the site in place of doing the emotional/mental labor of educating them themselves in the moment. After that, I'm turning back to chronic illness and disability issues, with a spinoff of Spoonie Living called Underground Medicine (undergroundmedicine.tumblr.com, not currently active), where the patient community can contribute to a knowledgebase of DIY medical information for those who can't afford care and need to take things into their own hands in an informed-risk sort of way. I have a number of projects to complete within the scope of that blog, including...