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Tabling FAQ

PZS 2018 tabling information.

PZS 2018 FAQ

Why is PZS in a new location this year?

The space which held PZS the past few years recently relocated to a new and smaller location. In addition to the relocation of this Event Center, the cost of the rental space also increased. As many of us know, the Portland rental market is driving many businesses, organizations, and individuals out of spaces they have inhabited due to increasing costs, unfortunately PZS is not an exception to this.

Locating a new event space was not easy as there are not many affordable, large event spaces in the city. In choosing Wattles Boys and Girls Club (and last year, APANO JAMS), we were looking at a variety of factors including space, cost, and preferably an organization that gives back to the community it is part of. We feel that Wattles Boys and Girls Club has all of these to its advantage and is actively involved in the community of which it is a part.

Will there be full sized tables available?

A limited number of full-sized tables will be available for distros and zine groups with 10 or more zines. To ensure exhibitors will have room to display their zines, each vendor will receive a half table (3 feet of space each). Please note that 75% of your table must be comprised of zines.

Why is PZS lightly curating tabling this year?

We are choosing to lightly curate this year’s event in an effort to uphold our Safer Spaces policy as well as to help us make sure the smaller location still features a diverse array of zinesters and zines. We also want to make the application process and time table more equitable to people who were at a disadvantage in the first come, first served model.

Why is PZS centering inclusivity?

Given the current political climate, we want to ensure PZS is an open space that is welcoming to a wide range of people. Zine culture has always been a place where people could share their varied thoughts and experiences and making sure that PZS is a place that showcases this is something we care about.

What will table size and price be this year?

We will be offering each exhibitor a half of a 6 foot table (3 feet of space per vendor). The price will be $15 for one day or $25 for two days.

How will the IPRC’s new location affect this year’s Symposium?

As many of you know, the Independent Publishing Resource Center has recently relocated. In previous years we hosted a few satellite events as well as a skillshare day in their space. This year we will be hosting various zine readings and studio hours to help you prepare for PZS 2018.

If you are a zinester who relies on IPRC to create your zines, be sure to visit their new location at 318 SE Main St #155, Portland, OR 97214. Visit their website for open studio hours.

What does the future of PZS hold?

We hope that the future of PZS is vibrant and always developing to best serve the needs of our community. We hope for more inclusivity, an increase in year-round programming, and a committed core group of organizers and volunteers.

We’re also really hoping to forge a lasting relationship with the perfect event space for PZS.

What can I do to help to make PZS the best event it can be?

The current PZS organizers are working their hardest to make PZS happen every year. We’re putting in a lot of time and work as volunteers and we want all to feel welcome. If this year’s changes make you feel unwelcome or bummed out please know that is not our intention. To help the Symposium grow and flourish consider volunteering your time, making a donation, or give us leads on spaces or resources. Help us to create an event you want to see and attend. You can sign-up for our volunteer mailing list here.