2013 Sponsors!

  • Ninkasi who donated beer to our recent AmaZine Day events. 


2013 marks the 13th year of the annual Portland Zine Symposium!

This event would not be possible without the generous help and support of the Portland and zine communities. It is because of the community of local businesses and organizations here in Portland (and beyond) that we are able to organize a successful event each year.

There are lots of ways to help Portland Zine Symposium.

Direct monetary donations go toward paying for our venue, purchasing promotional materials such as stickers, t-shirts, and posters for the event, and covering any other expenses that the symposium incurs. Please consider donating to us.

A sponsorship of the Portland Zine Symposium will raise awareness of your business among our 1,000+ participants. Any type of sponsorship is wonderful, from discounts on stickers to providing food for one of our outreach events to hosting an event, and sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

You will be prominently thanked for your donation in our programs, here on our website, and during the convention… If your donation is food, you also will be thanked on posters hanging in the food area.

In addition, the Portland Zine Symposium is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, so your donation will be fully tax deductible! We will happily provide our Federal Tax ID Number upon request.

We are very grateful for any donation you are able to make. Our event’s success depends on your generosity! If you’re able to contribute, please contact Katie Ash…

Katie Ash – (804) 514-8413 or katie.a.ash@gmail.com


2012 Sponsors

We’d like to thank our sponsors who have so generously supported us for the 2012 Portland Zine Symposium…

Whole Foods


Publication Studio

Top Shelf Productions

Lion Heart Kombucha

Pacific Pie Co.

Skint Press

Turtle Island Foods

Careen Stoll

Dave’s Killer Bread

King Harvest

Ninkasi Brewing

Black Sheep Bakery

Grand Central Bakery

Alicia at Fancy! Salon

Einstein’s Bagels

Wallace Books


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