Sarah Geo

Length of time with PZS?

I have tabled for the last few years. I moved to Portland in 2012 and jumped in (or was thrown in) to PZS organizing head first.

How did you get involved? / What attracted you to this job?

I was interested in helping and then was more or less pushed into it by a friend. I thought there would be an audition or something, but really we need all the help we can get! I applied pressure to my friend Joshua James, it seems to be a good tactic.

What do you do for PZS?

This year I will be wrangling the volunteers. I need a new lasso… I also gather paper goods and prizes. Help with fundraising and other event planning. I also share ideas, thoughts and feelings. Sappy stuff.

Favorite parts of the event?

The new friends I make every year! It is exciting to see who is unfortunate enough to be seated next to me. Surprise! I also always leave inspired and happy.

Age, and anything you’d like to say about your self..

I am 28. Last year Joshua and I set up a kissing booth, but no one took advantage of it.

You might know me from..

Go For Broke CollectiveS.C.R.A.P.

Anything else?

I like my weird dog Kilgore, Cyndia Lauper, bugs, being outside, feeding people, craftin’ and knowing secrets.

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