Register for PZS 2014

Tabling opens January 15, 2014!


For those of you who have gone through the waiting list process before, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve made a few changes to help expedite the waiting list process. First, all people who registered for tabling space who have not paid or made arrangements with us by June 1st are going to be bumped out. Setting this firm deadline is to ensure we get people behind the seats at tables who are committed to being there, as we’ve sold out the last couple of years, but had no-paying no-shows. We hope this helps us pull from the waiting list weeks ahead of time instead of only days ahead of time. Secondly,  we require that people on the waiting list contact us within a week of us emailing them about being removed from the waiting list so that we’re not waiting around to hear from people we’ve removed from the waiting list who forgot about us.

Now that you’ve finished registration, here’s all the info you need on making a payment! REMEMBER: DO NOT PAY FOR A LARGE SPACE UNTIL YOU’VE BEEN APPROVED.

If you make it off of the waiting list, we will send you an invoice for the total you owe. As per the registration you filled out, you will need to contact us about payment within one week. There are a few ways to pay. For a long time, it was snail mail and paypal. We’ve had some rocky experiences with paypal, so we’ve added google checkout to the list of payment options.

If you’d like to mail us payment, please send it to Portland Zine Symposium c/o Portland Button Works, 1322 N Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217.

If you’d like to still use paypal, you may send a payment to and indicate what you are paying for, especially if your paypal account email is different than the email you used on your registration application.

If you decide to use Google Checkout, we’ll send you an invoice via email.

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