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Programming Schedule

Portland Zine Symposium / Programming Schedule
If you are interested in leading a workshop or panel, please email pdxzines@gmail.com.
::::::: SUNDAY PROGRAMING :::::::
Check out PZS 2017 Programming!
Hand Lettering for Comics Artists and Designers! (Anna Vo)
Sunday 3pm-4pm // EAST APANO ROOM
Get floppy and flexible with hand lettering! Loosen up that vice-like grip! Practice and learn some lettering skills! This is a fun, hands-on workshop.
The 94%: Dusting off Our Shoulders (Hosted by Tonya Jones)
Saturday, 1pm-3pm // PCC SE, Tabor 126
The 2016 election of #45 had the media scrambling to understand how it happened, yet in its analysis, the constituency of Black women was completely ignored.  94% of Black women voted for Clinton. It wasn’t because she was better, but rather out of practicality. This workshop will feature PDX Black women writers/artists/activists and the resistance movement.
A Radio Geekly: Comics as Resistance
Saturday, 9am-11am // PCC SE, Tabor 125
Out of all art forms, comics make one of the biggest leaps into active protest. In a recorded panel presented by A Radio Geekly, join a discussion from KBOO Community Radio members on the bridge between comics and resistance and how you can cross it.
Shrinky Dinks (With Liz Yerby)
Sunday 1pm-3pm // EAST APANO ROOM
Do you wanna be more d.i.y. than enamel pins made in a distant factory?  For two hours we’ll be focusing on ideas and drawing on shrink plastic, beholding magical transformations, and learning about ways to make this goofy children’s craft into unique, affordable jewelry.
Exquisite Corpses: Let’s Make Friends and Draw Characters!
Saturday 3pm-5pm // EAST APANO ROOM
Collaboration is magic! We will all work together on large pieces of butcher paper, creating some wild characters to display.  Come by and add to a character – perhaps you could add a sharp houndstooth coat, a dainty foot, or the ocean they are standing in.
Autobio comics (discussion and workshop)
Saturday 1pm-3pm // PCC SE, Tabor 125
What did you do today? Liz Yerby, Ashley Wright, Laura Lannes, Taylor Orendurff, and Katie Ash discuss what makes autobio comics so special.  Learn about these artists documenting their lives for the public. Then, be prepared to spend time drawing, writing and squishing a day of your own life into four squares and sharing it in a supportive, friendly environment.
Our CITY, Our VOICE: A Creative Place-Keeping (With Sabina Haque and students of Madison High School)
Sunday 11am-1pm // EAST APANO ROOM
This panel features students of Madison High School who created an 8-page zine, posters, and a 100-ft banner to call to attention to the need for more affordable housing, the lost history of the neighborhoods, and the need for a more sustainable future for Portland.
Youth Zine Workshop!
Saturday 11am-1pm// EAST APANO ROOM
From 11am-1pm the extra APANO room will be for youths and their caretakers.  People under 18 and accompanying adults are welcome to learn how to make a mini-zine!  You are also encouraged to trade zines and check out the zine library.
Zinefest Organizing
Sunday 4pm-5:30pm // EAST APANO ROOM
A meet-up for zinefest organizers, where we discuss what goes into making this malarkey happen! Come tell us what you enjoyed this year and what you want to see at PZS for 2018, and we’ll tell you how you can help!
Zine History Timeline
Saturday and Sunday 9am-11am // EAST APANO ROOM
Come help us arrange our interactive, Portland-focused zine history timeline and brainstorm to add your own events!
Zine First Aid Station
All weekend // EAST APANO ROOM
Do your zines need a little TLC? Perhaps they’re in need of more staples? Or does the binding to your zines need a quick stitch? Then come on down to the Zine First Aid Table! We’ll have a long arm stapler, glue sticks and more!
Fostering Creativity Through Community d.i.y. Spaces
Saturday, 11am-1pm // PCC SE, Tabor 125
This panel will be with Chloe Eudaly (City Commissioner and owner of the dearly-missed Reading Frenzy), Brian Tibbetts (interim director of the IPRC), Carlee Smith of Milepost 5 and Daylynn Lambi of teen resource center Marrow PDX.
~*art prompt escape zone*~
Saturday, 1pm-3pm // EAST APANO ROOM
Relax in the spare APANO room, read zines from the zine library and do some drawing or writing prompts.