The Main Event! 13 Annual Portland Zine Symposium Weekend, August 10th & 11th

The Portland Zine Symposium is a free conference and zine social exploring facets of independent publishing and DIY culture. The Portland Zine Symposium is a two day event held in Portland, Oregon every summer since 2001. It  consists of two days of workshops, panels, discussions, games, and tabling of zines and independent media. We’re at Ambridge Event Center this year, so tabling will be in the Ambridge Rose Ballroom and workshops are being held in some adjacent, smaller rooms.

You can view our full list of confirmed tablers here on our website!

This year, the 13th Annual Portland Zine Symposium is on August 10th and 11th, however, the PZS organizers work to put on zine events throughout the year to build our community and reach out to everyone from potential new zinesters to experienced zinesters to zine supporters.

This year, some of our lead-up events include the 24hr Zine Challenge, Zine-Go Bingo at IPRC , “Use Your Words” (a benfit for Rad Dad Launch hosted by Red and Black), and Zine Prom!

Our Mission Statement…

The Portland Zine Symposium aims to promote greater community between diverse creators of independent publications and art. This fun and free event helps people share their work while exchanging their skills and information related to zine culture. Through workshops, panels and discussions, Portland Zine Symposium explores the role and effect of all types of zines.

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