Portland Zine Symposium | Organizers

PZS Organizers

Joshua James Amberson

Joshua James Amberson has been writing the zine Basic Paper Airplane since 2005. He's also the author of The Prince Zine and Growing Things: A Guide for Beginning Gardeners. He’s a regular contributor to The Portland Mercury, and is working on both a micro-fiction collection and a young adult novel. This is his fourth year organizing with PZS, and his first as an auxiliary organizer. He also runs the Antiquated Future distro, which can be found here.

Ann A'misa Chiu

Ann A'misa Chiu is an artist and aspiring librarian who is passionate about community building and zines. She is the editor and publisher of Eyeball Burp Press, a weird art and comics press. Since 2013, she’s been apart of the Women of Color Zine Workshop community and hopes to continue to help build a community of POC zinesters here in Portland. You can view her website at amisachiu.com.

Kesheena Doctor

Kesheena Doctor is a zinester currently living in Portland, Oregon. Kesheena writes the ongoing zine Going Places, which details their experiences as a Navajo punk navigating issues of decolonization and indigenization. Their work can be found at POC distros Brown Recluse and No Shame, and on etsy at: www.etsy.com/shop/goingplaceszine

Ariel Hernandez

Ariel Hernandez resides in Portland, Oregon where she feeds her passions of photography, poetry and zines. Her most current zine project will be featured at this year’s PZS, of mixed media and is unnamed. This is her first year as an organizer and is stoked to be apart of the zine community.

Franco Ortega

Franco Ortega learned about zines through the world of punk rock and learned about Portland through the zine world. He helped start the New Jersey Zinefest, and upon landing in Portland, helped the Portland Zine Symposium as a volunteer for one year and as an organizer for a few more. Zines were a very important part of his life for a decade, and a whole other decade has passed since that time, but he is back this year to lend a hand and help keep the event going for others to enjoy.

Erika Rier

Erika Rier is an artist & illustrator. She learned to sew when she was 6, crochet when she was 7, knit when she was 8, embroider when she was 10, and weave when she was 16. Previously, Erika was the clothing designer behind Mellifluous Couture and textiles still feature heavily in her work. Writing was her first love and she still secretly writes science fiction but never poetry anymore. You can see her work here.

SiMON Sotelo

Simon Sotelo comes to us from California where she co-founded and co-organized the L.A. Zine Fest for its first 4 years. She's an illustrator and designer working on a new collaborative zine about living with a gay parent, so stay tuned. You can see her art at Simontologist.com and follow her on instagram - @simontologist if you like sketches and dog pictures.

Alex Wrekk

Alex has been creating the zine Brainscan since 1997 with stories ranging from travel, reproductive health, love and loss, emotional abuse recovery, zine culture, and even fiction all wrapped up in text and photocopier art. She also the creator of the book Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY guide for Zines and Zine Culture that is now entering its 5th printing. When Alex isn’t doing zine things she is doing other zine things. Alex is an original and continued organizer the Portland Zine Symposium, established July as International Zine Month, commiserates with Zine Event Organizers around the world, and maintains the zine event listings on the StolenSharpieRevolution.org website. Alex hosts Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast, fidgets with a Risograph printer, reads outloud from her zine on tour and sings in a zine themed band called The Copy Scams. Alex owns Portland Button Works and zine distro, an online and brick and mortar shop in Portland, Oregon selling zines and books and making custom buttons, magnets, and bottle openers.