Katie is a Portland transplant who moved here from Virginia in 2008. She has been helping organize the Portland Zine Symposium for five years. She writes a perzine called Aubade, a weird zine about technology called We Are Not Machines!, and hosts a radio show on House of Sound, among other activities.


Joshua James
Joshua has been reading zines for 18 years, publishing them for 12, running a zine distro for 5, and organizing a zine festival for 1.

Some of his endeavors include: the Antiquated Future distro, Basic Paper AirplaneThe Prince ZineGrowing Things: A Guide for Beginning Gardeners, theWell, I Don’t See Why Not music compilation series, and the music project Letters.


Alex Wrekk

Alex’s life revolves around making things; primarily zines, buttons, vegan food, travel plans, and space for a cat in her bed.

Alex has been creating the zine Brainscan since 1997 with stories ranging from travel, reproductive health, love and loss, emotional abuse recovery, zine culture, and even fiction all wrapped up in text and photocopier art. She also the creator of the book Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY guide for Zines and Zine Culture that is now entering its 5th printing.

When Alex isn’t doing zine things she is doing other zine things. Alex is an original and continued organizer the Portland Zine Symposium, established July as International Zine Month, commiserates with Zine Event Organizers around the world, and maintains the zine event listings on the StolenSharpieRevolution.orgwebsite. Alex hosts Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast, fidgets with a Risograph printer, reads outloud from her zine on tour and sings in a zine themed bad called The Copy Scams.

In 2012 Alex opened Portland Button Works and zine distro, an online and brick and mortar shop in Portland, Oregon selling zines and books and making custom buttons, magnets, and bottle openers in 3 different sizes.


Cheyenne McClain

I have been attending PZS since I moved to Portland in 2007, been participating since 2011, and an organizer since 2013.

I am from Santa Cruz and love the ocean but I also love the rain and that makes Portland a good habitat for me. I have two wonderful Boos and two sisters. I also have two cats (with seven legs total) and one pit bull, Kimbo. I want to be a curator, historian, educator and carpenter someday, and I have zines about: cheesy tv, sloppy fantasies, Jewish fun & history, horror-love stories, corny poetry and (just to be tacky) Me.

I do a weekly show on called Reverse Couple-Skate, informal Library Lurker at Portland State University, Programming Assistant at Oregon Jewish Museum.

Sarah Geo

Growing up in the Nevada desert, Sarah Geo learned very early how to make do with what was already available. Being surrounded by nothing and no one made for an instant DIY attitude. Sometime in her early teen years she discovered music in basements, zines, and thrift stores. This culture eventually led to the start of an independent publishing collective Go For Broke Collective with a friend and the planning of many DIY events. When she isn’t knee deep in zines, she can be found in the wild outdoors, wearing fringe, doing knee slides and partying with her weird dog Kilgore Trout.

Martha Grover

Martha Grover has been publishing her zine, Somnambulist, for ten years. Her passions are creative nonfiction, portraiture and fancy cheeses. You can find more of her work at:

Sonia Ali

Sonia is a writing, reading, tea drinking Portlander since 2001-ish. She recently started her first serialized zine attempt called OIL MONEY about her experiences being an Arab-American woman.