Newsletter Post – Register for AmaZine Day, May 18th + 2013 PZS Tabling Prices Go UP in 1 Week!

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Hey PZS Fans, here’s what you’ll find in this newsletter!

1. The next AmaZine Day is May 18th, register now!
2. 2013 PZS Tabling Prices Go UP in 1 Week!
3. Help us flier! 

1. The next AmaZine Day is May 18th, register now!

Please join us for the 4th-ever AmaZine Day, a quarterly mini-zine fest held at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (1001 SE Division)! This AmaZine Day will be from 2-7 pm on May 18th. We’ll be serving up Arnold Palmers, Ninkasi beer, and having a bake sale. At 3pm, we’ll have a Single-Sheet Zine Workshop with Blue and, at 5pm, we’ll be having a Lettering Writing and Envelope Making Workshop with Joshua James and Sarah Geo. We’ll also be having readings and visual presentations, split into two short parts at 4pm and 6pm. Readers include Aron Nels Steinke, Alex Wrekk, Sarah Mirk, and more to be announced!

The event is FREE to attend, or sign up for a slice of table for $5 in-person at the IPRC, or at Portland Button Works. When you stop by to sign up, grab a stack of flyers to help promote the event! All proceeds from the event will benefit the Portland Zine Symposium and the IPRC.

2. 2013 PZS Tabling Prices Go UP in 1 Week!

As covered in our Tabling FAQ and in the registration you may have already filled out, on May 1st, tabling prices will increase to $50 for a large space for two days, $30 for a large space for one day, $35 for a small space for two days, and $20 for a small space for one day. This does not apply if you have both registered and already filled out a workshop application or made other arrangements with us. Read more here…

3. Help us Flyer!

Help us get the word out about AmaZine Day and other fundraisers! Helping us promote is a great way to help Portland Zine Symposium and grow our community.

If you want to help, you can pick up AmaZine Day posters and fliers from either the IPRC in SE (1001 SE Division) or Portland Button Works in North Portland (1322 N. Killingsworth St.) We’ll have special surprise packs for those of you who stop by to help out to reward you! Helping up flier can also go toward complete your volutneer commitment for a five dollar discount on your 2013 Portland Zine Symposium registration.

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