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Monster Pageant

Monster Pageant stomps back to Portland on June 14th with MONSTER PAGEANT 2: RETURN TO RUNWAY ISLAND. TREMBLE as mighty mutants and glamorous giants compete in colossal challenges for the title of Portland’s Most Fashionable Monster! SHUDDER as a cardboard city is leveled before your very eyes! MARVEL as eerie aliens and colossal brutes take to the runway to strut their stuff! Every creature will astound your senses, but only one will rule supreme!

Monster Pageant is an annual fundraising event for the Portland Zine Symposium that brings the worlds of fashion, b-movie giant monsters, and DIY costuming together for a show unlike anything else. Contestants wear their original monster costumes to compete walking up and down the catwalk, performing one-of-a-kind feats in a talent show, and finally, in the ultimate test of a monster’s mettle, destroying a model city. The winner is decided by a panel of local monster experts, and has the honor of leaving with a small cash prize and the title of Portland’s Most Fashionable Monster.

If you are an artist, puppeteer, costume-maker, or just want to unleash your inner creature, apply today to be a part of Monster Pageant!


MONSTER PAGEANT 2 – Monster Costume Submission Guidelines

•Costumes must be originally made, not purchased.  It is ok to submit a costume that has been made by you in the past.

•Costume performer must be available to attend the pageant event on June 14th from 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM.

•It is ok if someone else performs your costume during the pageant event.

•Be sure that you or your performer can breathe and move freely in costume for a good period of time on stage.

•Please submit photographs, a monster name and a backstory to monsterpageant@gmail.com

•Costume submissions are due before May 31st by 11:59PM. Extensions available by request.