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2018 Exhibitors

a map, not to scale of the tabling area for 2018
a map, not to scale of the tabling area for 2018

This year, PZS will take place at Wattle’s Boy’s and Girl’s Club at 9330 SE Harold St. Exhibitors will be in the gymnasium, and a map of the gymnasium and the tabling set-up is to the left.

Below is the list of our exhibitors for Portland Zine Symposium 2018! Some are tabling just on Saturday, July 28th or just on Sunday, July 29th, and others are tabling both days.  The list is alphabetical.

2018 PZS Exhibitors

Albert Kong (47b, Saturday)

all this is mine (32, both days)

Amanda Blix (37b, Saturday)

Anand Vedawala (27b, both days)

Anchor and Star (38a, Saturday)

Anna Vo (both, 11b)

Antiquated Future Distro (57, both days)

AP US History/ Chainsaw Comics (41b, Sunday)

archive six (15, both days)

Art of Avy Jetter (34b, both days)

Arthur O’Reilly (42a, both days)

Aura Rose / Skilled in Adornment Press (53a, both days)

Aventuras de una Pocha (48a, both days)

Baby Cat Distro (both, 11a)

BB andersson (3a, Sunday)

Believe In Wonder Publishing (45, both days)

Bernadette Little (17b, Saturday)

Bitter Melon (49b, both days)

Blaire Stapp! (7a, Sunday)

Bleak College Zines (42b, Saturday)

Book Smarts and Tender Hearts (2b, Sunday)

Breena Nuñez (29A, Saturday)

C.M.Butzer Comics, Illustration and Printmaking (3b, Saturday)

Carissa Jean (14a, Saturday)

cesar ramirez (7b, Saturday)

Chad Yenney (33b, Saturday)

Charlie Birch (26a, Saturday)

Christina Tran (47a, Saturday)

colin ryono (48b, Sunday)

Cyco Bandita(36b, Saturday)

Daniel Ramirez (35a, both days)

Defectivepudding (17a, Sunday)

diasporan savant press (29b, both days)

dimsummer book club (23, Saturday)

Dreams of Donuts (9b, Saturday)

DumDums & Dragons (20b, Sunday)

Eli Howey (1a, Saturday)

emi koyama (17b, Sunday)

Emilly Prado aka Sludge Judy (7a, Saturday)

emily lewis(6b, Sunday)

enchantingstranger (38a, Sunday)

Erika Rier (36a, both days)

Esto es Para Ti (28a, both days)

Fat Ink Press /Plumplandia (9a, Sunday)

Femmes on the Internet (43a, Saturday)

Fermentemptations (3b, Sunday)

Flying DogHeart (16a, both days)

god boat (48b, Saturday)

Golden Pear Studios (17a, Saturday)

Hannahbelle Spacefuture (47a, Sunday)

Hate Paste (39b, Saturday)

Head Fanzine (26a, Sunday)

heysoupface (43a, Sunday)

hopskotch SunDAY (40a, both days)

I Love Soda (1a, Sunday)

IPRC (31, both days)

J. Sayuri (50b, both days)

Jess Kealiihoalani Toshie M, (54a, both days)

Jessie McGrath (41a, Saturday)

Joamette Gil (53b, both days)

Joshua Tree Zine Fest (58b, Saturday)

Julia Whiteford (58b, Sunday)

Juniper Timmons (25b, both days)

Kalen Knowles (44a, Sunday)

KAT WONG (12b, Saturday)

Katie Ash (40b, Sunday)

Kayla Rosen (16B, both days)

Konner Knudsen (42b, Sunday)

Korbi Falardeau (25a, both days)

Koreangry (5a, both days)

Lawrence Lindell (30b, both days)

Lazer Zine (46b, Sunday)

Line, Line (1b, Saturday)

liz mason (8b, both days)

Lora Mathis (2b, Saturday)

M. Sabine Rear (14a, Sunday)

Maddy Spencer (37a, Sunday)

Maddy Woodson (35b, both days)

Manta Jay (49a, both days)

Marie Hausauer (9b, Sunday)

Marie-Jose (8a, both days)

Marrow pdx (56a, both days)

Matt Schumacher (18b, Sunday)

Max & Katy (46b, Saturday)

Michaella Coffield (41a, Sunday)

Mimi Schuy (23b, Sunday)

Miss Anthology Comics (6a, both days)

miXed (9a, Saturday)

Monstark (37b, Sunday)

MY DAY (46a, Sunday)

Nebula (40b, Saturday)

Nicki Yowell / ‘Za the Pizza Zine / Big Sassy Piece (5b, both days)

Obeah Wellness (50a, both days)

Olympia Pelican Press (33a, both days)

Olympia Zine Fest (58a, Sunday)

On Being in Your Body (27a, both days)

Osa Atoe // Shotgun Seamstress (2a, both days)

PBW distro, Brainscan Zine, Stolen Sharpie Revolution (24, both days)

PDX Black Feminism (29a, Sunday)

Pegacron (38b, Sunday)

Pillhouse Publishing (26b, Saturday)

Pink Realm (38b, Saturday)

Pip Craighead (19b, Saturday)

Ponyboy Press (1b, Sunday)

Portland Correspondence Collective (32, both)

Portland Drab (19b, Sunday)

Portland IWW (56b, both)

portland zine symposium INFO (60, both days)

portland zine symposium MERCH (59, both days)

Protein Press (28b, Sunday)

Queer Anxiety Babiez Distro/Bay Area Queer Zine Fest (52, both days)

Quietly (14b, Sunday)

Rad Breath (51b, both days)

Radical Mycology (18b, Saturday)

Reallybigmochilaxvx (28b, Saturday)

Rebecca Artemisa & Elodie Kahler (13b, both days)

Regina Schilling (21b, both days)

Reine la Ren (19a, Sunday)

Rhea and Her Amazing Daughters (37a, Saturday)

Rhodora Jacob (33b, Sunday)

Ross Jackson (19a, Saturday)

Sage Howard + Molly Mendoza (26b, Sunday)

Sally Moon Lee (47b, Sunday)

Sea Mason (34a, both days)

she was solitary (46a, Saturday)

Signal Fire (4, both days)

Smuttywood (39b, Sunday)

Soft Skills Comics (13A, both days)

Somnambulist Zine (44b, both days)

Sound Grounds Wreckin’ Cru, feat. Eileen Chavez, Emily Moreohs, Liz Yerby and friends (10, both days)

Spencer Scudder (20b, Saturday)

Street Roots (55b, Sunday)

Tamalgucci and Juan&Diego (22, both days)

Taylor Wallau (41b, Saturday)

Team Craw (14b, Saturday)

The Doula Project (3a, Saturday)

Tierracita Co. (54b, both days)

Tiny Vampire + Friends (20a, Sunday)

Translate zine/ Hex Records (43b, Sunday)

Tugboat Press (21a, both days)

Two Plum Press (55b, Saturday)

Undertone Collective (58a, Saturday)

Uno Foto Art (39a, Saturday)

Victoria Lu (51a, both days)

Vincent Kukua (42b, Saturday)

Violet Reed (18a, Sunday)

when language runs dry (6b, Saturday)

wishcandy (12a, both days)

Yarrow Magik (20a, Saturday)

Yumi Sakugawa (55a, both days)

Zines + Things (44a, Saturday)

Zines Rasquache (30a, both days)

Zoe Keller (12b, Sunday)

Zoe Mendez (7b, Sunday)