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2015 will mark the 16th year of the annual Portland Zine Symposium! This year we are pleased to be based out of the Ambridge Events Center, which means we have more room than ever for amazing programming. As always, we work very hard to keep the event as affordable as possible for attendees while maintaining the size and scope that Symposium go-ers have come to expect.

This event would not be possible without the generous help and support of the Portland community. It is because of the community of local businesses and organizations – in Portland and beyond – that we are able to organize a successful event each year.

If you’d like to help make this event happen, there are lots of ways to help Portland Zine Symposium:

* Direct monetary donations go toward paying for our venue, purchasing promotional materials for the event, and covering any other expenses that the Symposium incurs. Please consider donating to us through Paypal or check (sent to: PZS c/o Portland Button Works/1322 N Killingsworth St / Portland, OR /97217)

* Donate gift certificates or goods to be raffled off at the event! A large part of our budget each year comes from raising money through a raffle at the Symposium. This year we will also hold a raffle at our annual Zine Prom! Even a $5 gift certificate is a great way to bring new people into your business and show your support for the event!

* Donate food or beverages to help us provide a hospitality room for our tablers and festival attendees with complimentary snacks. Any beverages or food your business can donate the weekend of the conference will help keep all attending zinesters energized and happy. In addition, you will be thanked on posters hanging around the food area of the event, so everyone knows about your generosity and support.

All donors will be listed and thanked on our website and in our program.

Food and beverage donors will also be thanked on signs hanging in the food area.

All donation inquiries should be sent to pdxzines@gmail.com

Much gratitude,

Portland Zine Symposium Organizers