Cheyenne McClain


Length of time with PZS?

I have been attending PZS since I moved to Portland in 2007, been participating since 2011, and as of this year I am now working as an organizer.

How did you get involved? / What attracted you to this job?

PZS 2007 was one of the very first things I left my house to do, and I have had a desire for years to get involved – this year is a dream come true! Ask and you shall receive. I am attracted to working hard, lovely people, organization, and of course most of all, I am attracted to zines (specifically the smell of paper).

What do you do for PZS?

I have been working really hard on getting donations to make PZS this year the chillest ever (now I’m glad they taught me how to sell girl scout cookies all those years ago). I love event and workshop planning and trying new things. I hope to record PZS meetings and events for posterity this year, so if you see me with a camera, say Hi!

Favorite parts of the event?

I love how much is going on at all times and how there is always someone reading. Once last year, I was taking a break and saw a group of people reading my zines together outside in the sun…fuzzy feelings abound at PZS. I am a huge fan of workshops, as well as getting to see people’s new work from year to year. And of course hanging out with those I love (who also love zines)!

Age, and anything you’d like to say about your self..

I am from Santa Cruz and love the ocean but I also love the rain and that makes Portland a good habitat for me. I have two wonderful Boos and two sisters. I also have two cats (with seven legs total) and one pit bull, Kimbo. I want to be a curator, historian, educator and carpenter someday, and I have zines about: cheesy tv, sloppy fantasies, Jewish fun & history, horror-love stories, corny poetry and (just to be tacky) Me.

You might know me from…

My weekly show on Portland Radio Authority Reverse Couple-Skate, informal Library Lurker at Portland State University, Programming Assistant at Oregon Jewish Museum.

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