PZS THIS WEEKEND and there are still tabling spots!

This is from a newsletter we sent out August 9th. To receive all PZS news promptly, join our google group!

Well, like last year, we sold out early for the Portland Zine Symposium. However, also like last year, we’ve had a dozen last minute cancellations. We’ve gone though our waiting list and still have room for folks to table this weekend. If you’re interested you may show up at 10AM tomorrow (when doors open to the public) and talk to BLUE about where you can setup. If you want to guarantee yourself space, go ahead and register online for our waiting list. We will prioritize those who sign up online, then go by first come, first serve. http://www.portlandzinesymposium.org/register/

If you already have a tabling space, please share this with your friends who make zines and encourage them to come have fun at PZS with all of us this weekend. We don’t want to see any empty tables this weekend, we want to fill them with lucky zine-makers!

With respect,
The PZS Organizers

TOMORROW is the 24hr Zine Challenge! // SUBMIT a workshop!

This is from a newsletter we sent out July 26th. To receive all PZS news promptly, join our google group!

This is one last update to remind you that the 24hr Zine Challenge is tomorrow!
Email us to REGISTER! Spread the word! Email us to SPONSOR someone to support their endeavors and the zine symposium! Get a zine! I know I am using a lot of exclamation marks there, but this event is kind of AMAZING! The 24hr Zine Challenge has become one of our most awesome fundraisers, helping keep PZS FREE to attend and our tabling prices low.
As always, we’ll set up a video feed and be active online tomorrow for everyone to cheer on the amazing 24hr challengers. Folks are also welcome to stop by IPRC and Red and Black to visit and cheer on their friends!
In other news, have you submitted a WORKSHOP? We’re still taking workshop application, fill one out on our website!

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