dreamyphotoboothpolyveeLength of time with PZS?

This is my sixth your year and I’ve really have loved being involved – though it is quite a lot of hard work! I was already friends with a couple organizers from previous years before I became an organizer and I don’t know what took me so long to get more involved.

How did you get involved? / What attracted you to this job?

I am close friends with another organizer and have been acquainted with others, so the idea of helping my friends with their passions is one thing that inspired me to get more involved. Now that we’ve been organizing together for a few of years, we’re all even closer. I think organizing and doing projects together is one of the best ways to build more solid and meaningful friendships. Another thing that inspired me to help is that I really love zines and I think community is one of the most important things in life…

What do you do for PZS?

I am one of the core organizers, meeting every other week to plan PZS, until we get down to the wire and we end up having 10 hour meetings the couple weeks just before PZS… JUST KIDDING, we won’t have that end up happening again… I hope.

More specifically: I have had a range of tasks over the years. Working on our old website, building this new website, handling A LOT of email, mapping out tabling space at the convention, coordinating ordering merch, applying our artwork each year to our website and merch, writing newsletters for forever, tabling to represent PZS at other events, organizing workshops, scheduling readings, working on organizing outreach and fundraising events over the years (music shows, readings, the 24hr Zine Challenge, AmaZine Day, Pedalpooza zines rides, bike-in movies, etc.), striving to be a zine community representative in general wherever I go, responding to A LOT of email for PZS (did I mention that, because it’s a lot), and a million other things.

Favorite parts of the event?

I love discovering new reading material, meeting the people who have created beautiful works, and making new friends – locally and from all over! Also, I loved getting compared to a peacock in 2008. I am hoping to have a friend make a peacock outfit to wear at PZS one day.

Age / anything you’d like to say about your self?

I am 29 and I’ve lived in Portland for about 10 years. I like to ride bikes, teach kids how to make zines (I teach zines and debate in a middle school), make music with fine folks, engage with the various communities I strive to serve, eat lots of vegan food, run around with kids all day, collect dinosaurs, read comics, pet any cat I see cuddle with my cat Mona Mia (missing the other, RIP Wesley Dodds), plan events, write letters (write me one), make gifts for friends, collaborate with my friends to make awesome things, and chit chat over beers.

You might know me from..

Stumptown Underground, carting children around to libraries and parks and museums (my day job is as a nanny), past music projects,  polyamory stuff, my volunteer work at IPRC, karaoke (because it is the most fun), that one time I dated your friend who turned out to be kind of a jerk, queer nights of many kinds, your friend who doesn’t like me because I told them what I thought about their crappy behavior, or just because Portland is small like that.

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