The 2014 Tabling List!

Aaron Brassea- Chainsaw Comics Presents – An annual comics anthology with each volume based around a different theme. My Life in Scribbles – A daily journal comic. AP US History – Somewhat inaccurate takes on historical stories.

Adam Pruett- Minicomics, anthology comics, and art zines, including such titles as: Gosh is Dead #1-5, Big Red H, Gumbus Bumbus Portraiture.

Alisha Davidson- Alisha Davidson is an illustrator and comic artist originally from Vancouver, Canada. Her work is generally black and white with overly personal autobiographical content. To date she has self published 2 short comics (Nearly Naked Issue 1 and The Quartz) and 3 mini-comics (Hard to Be, Dream On and It’s Who, It’s You). She also produces a monthly series, Oh Yeah, which originally was published in Dunk. She spends most of her days drawing dicks and embarrassing herself.

Andrew Shaw-Kitch- Bocce Balling on the West Coast: an ongoing literary project that catalogues the states of adventure and culture in the present-day West. Parkland, Oregon: an ongoing account of the parks of Portland, Oregon.

Anna Bongiovanni- My most recent mini-comic is called Selfie, about two queer best friends being drunk idiots. My graphic novel Out Of Hollow Water was published last October and is about trauma and healing. I also have a Drinking Guide To Minneapolis, a zine called Donut Shop, about being genderqueer and trying to recover while simultaneously dating around and trying not to become an alcoholic. My work tends to be either lighthearted and funny, or very personal and honest.

Antiquated Future- A distro with over 150 zines and over 400 items from around the world, but with a strong focus on the Northwest. In-house zines include: Basic Paper Airplane, Ilse Content, Jesus Christ Superzine, The Prince Zine, Shit’s Fucked: A Positivity Guide, Growing Things: A Guide for Beginning Gardeners, among others.

Art Bureau- ART BUREAU: keeping you art-fed since 2002. We publish a variety of comics, art zines and prints fostering a grassroots approach in promoting artists, artistic collaborations and the arts community.

Awkward Ladies Club- Amy Burek is a scientist and artist living on an island in the San Francisco bay area. Her interests include how cells become organisms, how letters become words, and how cat pictures become memes. Current zines include: Never Date Dudes From The Internet, Never Finish Grad School, Dad Tweets, Quit Your Job and Eat Pizza, and My Favorite Microbes.

Becky Morton- The Oregon Trail zine, The Beach Boys zine, Cat Chance, Grown Ups on Bikes, Cool Things About My Exes That Mean Nothing, Chickens in My Yard.

Ben Passmore- Daygloayhole- Half naked and cranky, a man stews in the heat and fumes of the apocalypse, but more than that he’s stewing with his failures pre-apocalypse. Sounds lame right? Don’t worry there’s weird monsters, a damaging oogle and his rubber dog, polar bears, and some sort of ham-fisted social commentary that would be preachy if its conclusions weren’t so schizophrenic. A Pantomime Horse Two- girls locked in a reform school contemplate escape.

Beth Wagner- My main series is called Isaac & Lee. It is a dramatic mini-comic: Lee is a lowly local bookstore owner. Isaac is the friendly local anarchist. Unlikely friends in an even more unlikely world.

Big Big Wednesday- Big Big Wednesday is a visual and written arts journal based in Portland Oregon.

Bijan Berahimi- Bijan Berahimi is a graphic designer, illustrator, printer, editor and general instigator for the development and integration of design in his community. While searching for a medium between concept and form within his own practice, Berahimi explores a wide range of mediums that allow him to further understand aspects of materiality through the combination of design work—based on transparency and clarity—and explorative image-making inspired by his surroundings.

Black Candy Store Press- Black Candy Store is a zine about Black queer and trans experiences with non-monogamous relationships. With this zine, we seek to interrupt the largely white, hetero-normative perspectives that generate and dominate literature on this social experience. We believe in the absolute necessity of archiving our stories and experiences on our terms.

Black Mold Tapes & Zines- Assorted photozines, perzines, cassette zines, and a touch of anti-political propaganda.

Brandon James- Ms.Agro: A comic about a girl and her new best friend, the Hitatchi Magic Wand.

Brown Recluse Zine Distro / La Bola de Cristal Zine / Maximum Rocknroll- This is a table for Brown Recluse Zine Distro, a distro that tables zines by POC run by Nyky Gomez of Skinned Heart Zine. Ari Perezdiez returns to zine life with their new zine La Bola de Cristal, a political perzine. Also at this table is Maximum Rocknroll, that needs no introduction, Ari served as coordinator in 2013 and is a current shitworker.

Bus Stories- Bus stories is a zine about stories of public transportation.

Capitol Hill Comics- We are a Seattle collective of illustrators and comic artists self-publishing our books. Our current members include: Eli Tripoli, Ryan Rich, Laura “D. Graves” Davis, Correy Lewis, and Mike Mcghee.

Charlotte Hildebrand- Lost Rat, about a….lost rat and what can be learned from living a short life well. Timmy, a story about a pet monkey, that ends in regret. Rats Nest Comics, a collection of my short comics, featuring yoga and fashion. Animals Not found in Highland Park, animals and other creatures not seen in this area.

Chella Quint- Chella Quint creates funny zines about inner space and outer space that could broadly be described as science communication comedy. It’s Not You, I Just Need Space. Adventures in Menstruating: A satirical look at the history of femcare advertising, its echoes today, and the effects of shame on body image and sexual health.

Cheyenne- I have personal and educational zines, mostly writing and some drawings. Topics include pop culture, myself, sexuality, food, and religion.

chickeney- chickeney – gardening zine; chronic – chronic illness zine.

Chris Clancy- A Chef- A comic about a loyal chef making some dinner for his wife. Tales of a Russian Space Bear- Tragic stories of a lonely space bear. Oldies but Goodies- Stories depicting life of senior citizens. Tree- Illustrations of different trees throughout seasons. Black and White Zine- A zine dedicated to my black and white art. BIRD- Many short stories of a young bird finding his way. Prints- Three prints of each Crystal Gem from Steven Universe.

Corey Lewis Reyyy- My self-published things: Duo Jump manga double feature, Layered Jacket comics magazine, Sun Bakery anthology.

Corina Dross Artwork- Corina Dross offers hand-drawn art in the form of playing cards, prints, patches, and more. Her zines range from essays on radical politics to illustrated short stories.

Corvus Editions- Corvus Editions is a publisher of pamphlets and hand-bound hardcover books, with an emphasis on reprints of hard-to-find historical material on topics such as anarchism, feminism, science fiction, science and invention, utopias and titles relating to the Pacific Northwest. Many titles include new translations from the French.

Crabby Media- Small zine distro based in Seattle.

Cup of Stars- Puddles of Cute Fauna Fireflies and The Monster in the Mansion Ladybird and the Killer Whale People. Self published comics influenced by Northwest Native American myth, octopi, scientific facts, the Victorian silhouette, and imaginary creatures.

Dead Nerd Comics- Fish Tank (A compilation of mini autobiographical comics), Scream (A compilation of more detailed autobiographical comics), I confess, I– (A comic with various short short stories) Don’t Say Anything (A short horror comic about a boy ghost in love).

Destination DIY- Destination DIY is an independent radio show and podcast based in Portland. Creator and host Julie Sabatier also published the How To Make Radio zine series.

Distomum Duplicatum- Comic-making duo joining you from sunny Colorado.

Donna Letterese, Draw D.V.L. Productions- I have is self printed and self published, old fashioned DIY style: 1. Educational How to Draw Comics! Zines. It covers writing and drawing topics such as “How to ink,” “Character Design,” “How to Draw Hands,” “Using Cause and Effect in Stories,” and “How to Create Newspaper/Gag Comics.”

Eaves of Ass- The zines and books of Craven Rock.

Emi Koyama- Emi’s zine and buttons.

Emily Alden Foster- I have a variety of zines, all made by me: Cross My Words and Hope to ___ (VERB) #3 (and maybe #4) – a crossword puzzle/mad lib/literary zine. The Book Reporter – a collection of the world’s best (fake) book reports. And much much more.

Emily “Moreohs” Moroz- TWINTIMACY I & II TWINTIMACY is an illustrated, one-sided text message conversation between twin sisters living far apart, salvaged from the scrap heap with love. And more.

Ess Elle- ASSUME NOTHINGAssume Nothing is a compilation zine about realities and possibilities of living with sexually transmitted infections, with a focus on herpes. Using a feminist and anti-capitalist lens, it is meant to draw connections between STIs and broader ideas of reclamation of the body, sexuality, and identity. Includes personal stories, health tips, comics, poetry, and essays. CRACKS IN THE PAVEMENT – Also a compilation zine dealing with the emotional complexities of living in a dying environment.

Fear is a 4 Letter Word- Fear is a 4 Letter Word – a perzine. Dykeadelic Butch – a zine about awesome butch lesbians.

Fiona Avocado- Fiona is a cartoonist, printmaker, and illustrator who has been making zines since January 2010. Fiona’s comics include Pedagogy as Dissent, Jade, The Fika Diaries, and OK Here We Go.

The Forsley Brothers- We publish underground comix and zines. 16th and Mission Comix – Zine that details the cityscape of San Francisco’s 16th and Mission street and beyond.. A JOE STORY – Told with sequential pictures and words, it’s a surreal fantasy captured as a graphic novel. And more.

Friends of Ibn Firnas- Born out of an unholy pact forged in the darkest recesses of art school, Friends of Ibn Firnas is an informal group of like-minded kids who share a lack of faith in art for art’s sake. We are comprised of radical illustrators, printmakers and comix artists, producing a variety of zines, comics, posters and murals.

Germinate Distro- Zines that we make: Our Guts are Graveyards, Flora and Fauna, as well a distro that is a mix of personal and political zines.

Gnartoons- I’m a cartoonist, I draw comics and self-publish them in minicomics. I make linocut covers for every title, so each book has a unique hand printed cover.

Go For Broke Collective- Oh you know, all the things and some more things by then.

go it alone (together)- go it alone (together) is Emily Davidson and Kaley Kennedy. This zinester duo creates and publishes printed matter in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Toronto, Ontario. Our common interests include: advocating for feminism and unions, cutting & pasting activities and working on our shit.

God Bless Generica- Operations Manual Vols. I-XI are propaganda pamphlets specializing in heavy-handed mixed messages, universal parody, pseudo-profundities, bastardized ideologies, audacious conjecture, superfluous nomenclature, lifted literature, and cheesy graphics. Also; perzines, mini comix, arts.

Grimoire Press- I will be selling my own indy-published titles: Collective Tarot-related items, my Xeric mini-comic I Still Live, an anthology I edited and co-published with Sparkplug Books called Gay Genius, my 10-year-old zine addressing sexual assault in activist communities Witchhunt, my brand-new mini-comic/zine: Symbology, some T-shirts, stickers, posters, and a few other zines and titles by myself and other Grimoire artists.

Grrrlzines-a-go-go- Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go is a San Diego based zine collective promoting zines as culture work. We teach workshops, host reading rooms, promote DIY media, and promote knowledge sharing through zines and skillshares. Our zine collection is used in teaching, and our zines for sale focus on community herbalism, DIY, culture work, and feminism. Founding and current organizers are Margarat Nee & Kim Schwenk.

Gutfeelings zine- Gutfeelings is a bi-monthly zine created by Sophie and Sarah about food and everything else! Each of our issues is themed and as well as sharing recipes and food related articles, we like to tell stories and write and draw about the thing we like, as well as enlisting great artists and writers to help us in our venture!

Gypsy Ink Press- The F-Bomb- a contributor-based half-size zine with 11 issues thus far. Loco Pantaloons – A perzine written about personal life expreiences. 3 issues before it unraveled into something else. Violette’s Letters – a zine written by my four year old daughter. Letters to people she knows. Often hilarious and oddly insightful. More on its way.

Hannah Ratblood- I make autiobio comics and short fictional comics. I do an ongoing comic called Is This Ok and will have some other various comics as well.

hopskotch SunDAY- Have at Thee!, I Was Just Thinking I’d Rather Be Drinking, The Man In The Fedora, 30 Minute Stories perzines, 24 hour comics, short stories.

Hortense Press- Zines and other paper products, letterpressed with love at Community Print Collective in Olympia Washington. I am also a librarian, come pitch your zine to me for the Olympia Timberland Library’s zine collection!

Independent Publishing Resource Center- Providing individual access to tools and resources for creating independently published media and artwork since 1998.

Index/Fist- Index/Fist is a creative collective that I started in San Francisco. We host zine swaps, “make sh!t nights” and zine release parties, and we’ve produced three zines to date (Lingus, Habits of the Mouth, and FAULTS). These hand-sewn zines include poetry, prose, and art from 20+ contributors across the country.

Irene- Irene is an independently published comics anthology co-edited by Dakota McFadzean, Andy Warner and dw, soon to be putting out our 4th issue. We will also be selling screen prints and minicomics by Irene contributors.

The Jaded Review- We write the Hippie Watching Guides which are laid out with explanations of the west coast hippie sub-culture for outside observers and explains many of their behaviors.

James Michael Williams- I’ll be bringing issues of my original self-published zines and hopefully DVDs of my original self produced animation.

Jean Gaudin/Snailspitpress- Short image driven narratives, collections of drawings and Snailspit # 1 & # 2 are my more recent efforts to release my dreams, drawings, comics, musings and travel sketches.

Jennie Yim- I have zines and prints. My zines include stories about my childhood. Pork, my family history and an epic trip to Europe.

Jon Horn- Hypothesis Now! Zines of Science & Industry: six different science zine titles packaged together with goodies. Supramystic Saga: hand-printed science trading cards. Xenographic: Both ZAPP volunteer zines that I edited. Logorrhea: A screenprinted nonsense text collage zine. Erg: a zine about work.

Jonas- Cheer the Eff Up, a zine about washed-up punks and cake.

Junk Drawer- Junk Drawer is a project and zine. It is about junk drawers, and the odds and ends that can be found within. It is an exploration of objects, and anything that doesn’t have a place to belong, but is still saved, to settle into a random space known as the junk drawer.

Kate Fire Press- Showcasing the first full edition of zines from Kate Fire Press located here in Oakland. Editioned zines and small art books. I use mainly woodcut prints to create the zines and are separated by theme. They read as chiefly visually driven stories. Images come from my woodcuts, which are then collaged and photocopied. Visually the images comes from metal music, compulsive image making, hunting, and animals in the wild. I also have stand alone prints which I can include, as well as some patches and t-shirts.

Katie Ash- I write Aubade zine (a perzine) and We Are Not Machines! (a weird zine about technology), as well as some comic zines under various titles.

Kinoko Evans- The Epic of Gilgamesh: a retelling of the ancient story in comic book format (mature). Mystical Cards of the Tarot: a selection of tarot collaboratively drawn by a Kinoko (PDX) and Prescott McCarthy (SLC) with a reading spread centerfold and screen printed covers. Primary Thought: a zine about education in comic and essay form. Some New Surprises tbd.

Kira Mardikes- Inhaling the Sun is a 54 page long psychic adventure comic set in Portland, OR. Zines and illustrated books on indigenous farming and current agriculture practices in the U.S.

The Kreation Korner- Several artifacts from the Kreationism Movement based in Boise and San Francisco, including: Parallel Stills: 52-page B&W compilation of poems and illustrations by Chris Peebles and BLENKO, two major Kreation Korner contributors. Boise: 8-page B&W alternative promotional brochure/travel guide for the City of Trees by Kreation Korner staff.

L.A. Zine Fest & Friends- L.A. Zine Fest is an annual event in February that showcases zinesters, independent writers, illustrators and comics creators. We will be promoting the 2015 event and representing a number of Los Angeles creators at our table.

Lady Monster- Feminist, queer, Zines, comics.

Lara Kaminoff- Cat Calling Cats: the twisted darknesses and heartfelt hopes in the labyrinth of feline affections. How to Pick a Fight: the first episode in the truculent exploits of Jimmy Ruckus. The Name of Our Next Band: an oddessy of imaginary album covers and fantastical musical triumphs and tribulations.

Led Pencil- Eclectic soup du jour.

Lindsay Watson- Zines and prints featuring colorful and quiet paintings of magical creatures.

Liz Yerby- Moscow Diary – zine about my short trip to Moscow lower new city – zine about living in nizhny novgorod. Russia Stepachenko – art history zine about Varvara Stepanova and Alexandr Rodchenko, as well as other artists in non-traditional relationships. Art prompts for people who like Kurt Vonnegut’s books. Much more.

Love Bunni Press- Various perzines, photozines, and comics. Blister Packs softcover book of short stories.

Lucas Britton- First Year Comics: a daily journal comic tracking my first year living in Portland. Spanky Ramirez: a weekly comic strip Self-published mini-comics including Sharkteen, That Damn Lion, Pocketknife, as well as new mini-comics in the works.

Luna Blue Art Collective- Dear Rock n’ Roll – Letters to rock and roll heroes of the past. A Little Zine Called Love – Little girl makes a big difference with her little books. Nobody is Perfect – An existential story about the importance of community. Progress – A bird’s eye view on the changing world. Much more.

Maeve- I produce two zines, Ramen Knowledge and Stuffed by hand. Ramen Knowledge is a collection of submissions my writings, art, and photography that discusses how to get by on less than lovely amounts of cash, while Stuffed is a collection of drawn sketches of museum taxidermy accompanied by their alter ego selves.

Marc Parker- Tell It Like It Tiz, Breakfast for Dinner, Zine Thug, DIRTY GRAVES, and Azmacourt zine (returning for 2014).

Marya Errin Jones- Mid-life Isis: A new zine series about spiritual survival tactics. Women’s Studies Zine: Mocha Chocolata Mamma vol. 1: Bessie Coleman, vol. 2 Zoe (Firefly), vol. 3 Dorothy Dandridge. The Price for Being Pretty Travel Zine– Electric Voyager: vol. 1. prague: a fucked-up travelogue, Electric Voyager: vol. 2 the warp & the woof “Adult” zines: blue collar soft porn, historical porn.

Matilda Howell- Drawn into Dreams- A collection of dream comics. Portraits of Portland- Portraits of random Portlanders.

Max Karl Key & Katy Ellis O’Brien- Friends From Far Away: Travelogue comics of a couchsurfing couple. Trusty Companion: Collaborative comics about companionship. Original artwork & prints by Katy Ellis O’Brien

Melancholy Rainbow- Melancholy Rainbow is a semi-autobiographical sitcomic about dating, friends, and an anthropomorphic cat.

Mend My Dress Press- zine distro/ publishing books of zine anthologies.

Michel Valdes- School Pit – a direct rip-off of Ben Snakepit’s comic journal style about the fall semester of my 8th year as a middle school teacher. Prius of Death Tour – in which I basically stalked a band all the way through Texas in a Toyota Prius at the age of 32. This Summer is Haunted is about jumping on a Greyhound bus and spending an enlightening 8 hours in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mikey- I create quirky little characters for the enjoyment of being immersed in my own imaginative world. These characters range from adorable slothies to little hipster dudes who come in the form of plush toys, zines, and key-chains I call “Yarnies.” They are silly, colorful, and googly-eyed creature that wear plaid shirts and bow ties that are reminiscent of the Nickelodeon cartoons I grew up watching.

Mixtape Comics- I’m an independent cartoonist and zinester. My current ongoing series is Frankie Comics, a zine about cat-life and living with cats. (Primarily gag-based stories about my own cat. 14 pages an issue.) I have smaller books: Adventure Story (6 pages. About a cat whose teapot is stolen and they have to go on an adventure to retrieve it) and Stay With Me (6 pages. A short, silent comic about a cat and a wolf). I carry anthologies that I’ve contributed to, and also work that I’ve done for BOOM Studios (Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake. Garfield.)

Moose Lane- I make zines and art. I have a series called Vegan Adventure Guide that’s a how-to about camping; I have a short sketch zine about anxious feelings; and an ever expanding collection of mini-zines. In addition I have prints of some of my artwork.

Multnomah County Library- Multnomah County Library loves zines for many reasons… they present unique information and points of view, local zines preserve details of our regional history and culture, and zinesters are a major part of the vibrant literary and artistic life of our community! And we are here to support zinesters and independent publishers through many resources that may be helpful when creating and producing your own work. Not to mention our collection of more than a thousand cataloged and circulating zines for your reading pleasure!

MY DAY- MY DAY is a project where visual artist Nate Orton spends an entire day drawing a determined place, oftentimes accompanied by Portland writers James Yeary and/or Chris Ashby. MY DAY is compiled and printed in limited editions of under 150 by means of Letterpress, lithography, and xerox. In 2014 MY DAY will celebrate its 30th issue.

Nicki Yowell / Self-Publishers of Chicago- Nicki Yowell is the founder of the zinester collective Self-Publishers of Chicago, a group that organizes readings, collaborative zines, workshops and provides community to those who initiate and support independent projects. When not running SPOC, Nicki works on her own zines including ‘Za the Pizza Zine. Nicki also spends her time working as a tutor and tour guide in Chicago.

No More Coffee- No More Coffee is a zine for people who don’t sleep enough.

Nuthin Good Ever Happens at 4am- An indie published comic book based in Oakland California, it is the story of 4 friends who find themselves in the middle of all hell breaking loose when zombies invade the “hood.”

Of Course You Can! Distro- A two person zine and art distro with a focus on radical politics and diy. We distribute zines on subjects such many stripes of anarchism, queer issues, radical history, as well as perzines by both ourselves and other lovely people. We also silk screen patches/postcards/stickers, and make 1 inch pins, as well printing posters in a variety of mediums.

Pam Wishbow- Hurl, Life in the Branches, and My Body are current zines available. Future projects already in the works include Sticks and Stones, Fatal Flower Garden, Urban Tarot, and a recipe zine pack yet unnamed.

Piltdownlad- Piltdownlad is a typewritten and hand scrawled personal narrative zine.

Pioneers Press- Pioneers Press is a publishing house and small-press distro focusing on survival and sustainability on the farm and in the city, in addition to health, gender, sexuality, social justice and food movements, and a cruelty-free lifestyle. We release titles seasonally and work with domestic printers to use low-impact and sustainable production.

Pity Party- 6 new zines in the works right now! 2 by Michael Heck (abstract illustrations, scientific illustrations) 1 by Melissa Kagerer (documentary photography ) 2 by Karsten Foerster (including a punk rock cartoon coloring book) Eyesore 4 – Minicomix by Michael and Karsten.

POC Zine Project- The POC Zine Project’s mission is to make zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share. We are offering free tabling space for local zinesters of color who utilize our table at fests.

PonyBoy Press- PonyBoy Press, Paper Crush, Current Resident, Figure 8.

Portland Button Works/Alex Wrekk- Portland Button Works and zine distro is an online and brick and mortar shop in Portland, Oregon that carries hundreds of zines and books including Brainscan and Stolen Sharpie Revolution as well as lots of zine themed buttons.

ProjectGrow- ProjectGrow is a fine art and urban farming program serving adults with developmental disabilities located in Northeast Portland. Our program provides a space for those with a wide range of abilities to explore personal expression through an array of artistic mediums, as well as gain skill and experience working on a chemical-free farm with an emphasis on sustainability. ProjectGrow aims to create a shared art experience through connection with other artists in the community and in the greater art world.

PsychoNot Art- Bunk: The Comic – is an ongoing comic that is hand-assembled for each issue (I do all my work at the IPRC). The comic follows a gorilla and an eyeball guy as they traverse the cosmos, in search of supreme enlightenment and good times. I have an additional shorter comic Bunk-ish, that just has a few skits in it. Additionally, I have some creative music project merchandise that is tangential to the comic (but not necessary for the tabling).

The Pulp Labs- Zines-Chatter Boxes, LUSH Ladyfest inspired. Anthology Books- Poetry. Stripper’s words. Handmade journals. Letterpress works.

Queer Lady Zine- ZINES INCLUDE: Queer Lady With a Knife in Her Backpack, Queer the Family, Squat the World, When She Talks I Hear the Revolution Coming: Trans Women in the US Penal System, Why I Fucking Hate the Grocery Store. My zines are about coping walking through the world and trying to thrive instead of just survive. zines address mental health, relationships, chosen families, classism, racism, homophobia & transphobia, living life and being angsty and excellent.

The Queer Zine Archive Project- The Queer Zine Archive Project is a website where about 400 digitized queer zines from the past 40 years are available for free download. We also have a physical space in Milwaukee, WI with around 1,000 zines in the collection.

Reading Frenzy- Reading Frenzy is a specialty bookshop devoted to independent, small press, and self-published titles.

Rebecca B.- I Love Soda- A zine all about soda, and how much I love it! Includes lots of photos.

Reflekt Mag- Style/fashion magazine where we interview everyday eccentrics about their personal style & life story, feature different style tribes/fashion communities all over the world and how-to’s and articles about how to be comfortable with your wonderfully weird self!

Render- Render is a feminist food and culture quarterly that aims to disrupt the female roles implied in mainstream ladies’ cooking magazines. Consisting of writing, interviews, recipes, and illustration about current events, feminist topics, and influential women, Render focuses on exploring food culture through a feminist lens.

Repro. Sheroes. A NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Zine- The pro-choice zine internship grew out of a goal of creating something that would connect young women to feminism and the pro-choice movement in a way that works for and speaks to them. This zine is part of an internship program that has the goal of helping young women get excited about working for their rights, to understand the attacks on them, and to help them discover new confidence in their voice.

Robyn Jordan Comics- I make auto-bio comics about day-to-day happenings. For the past couple of years, I’ve been focusing on stories about my experiences teaching in schools, and editorial stories about education issues.

Root Loop- I create zines and comic books. Some of my comic zines are literary and some are non-fiction work about food politics and race and gender issues.

Sally Moon Lee- Skuut, A Memoir (Comic about my cat, that is now a part of the Joshua Lupkin Howard-Tilton Library in New Orleans). NO REFUND (comic about adoption). Journal with free craft instructions.

Sam Cohen- Wet Socks and Cheeseburgers/ A pink suitcase full of emotional baggage.

Sam Szabo- Brain Booger: A series of 22-page comic strip zines dedicated to asking and answering all of the universe’s questions, one by one.

Samuel Hodgdon- Red Neck Buddha (A heritage of Violence conquered by courage and compassion) #0.16 page comic. The beginning story of Milton on his Journey to find answers from his Grandmother, being chased by a Curse possesed Family, to find the Red Neck Buddha, and Kill His Possesed Father.

Sera Stanton- TEMI – A comic series about female heroism. Bestiary series – mini illustration zine featuring fantastic creatures from across the earth. Also a few compilations of various artists around town of erotic comics & pin ups. A few hand-silkscreened prints, too!

Shiela Laufer- Fleet – Screen printed Comic L & E – Letterpress and woodcut poem A Sky This Big (…) – Letterpress zine Amble – abstract comic Afterwords – Screen printed book And more!

Silver Sprocket- We are a zine publisher and record label — we publish the As You Were punk comic anthology zines and will have some more new issues and titles by July, also records from zine folks like The Blank Fight with Aaron Cometbus and Cindy Crabb.

Sincerely Analog- Sincerely Analog is an umbrella name for the various publication projects of Delphine Bedient. Among its current titles are OK Cupid Messages I Have Not Responded To, Algeria: Notes on an Unfamiliar Place, and City of Maps: Navigations in Paris, France. Focusing on the odd phenomena of human existence, these publications look closely at banal fragments of life with a fresh set of eyes.

Snakebomb Comix- Snakebomb Comix is a Portland, Oregon based risograph print studio & publisher of comics run by cartoonist Jack Hayden. Artists and collaborators are invited to take place in each step of the bookmaking and distro process, from printing and assembling books by hand to splitting everything 50%. Some of our titles include the anthology Snakebomb Issues #1-3, Illogical Comics Dailies by Tom Toye, AREACC by Alex Degen and an annual free comic book day issue co-published by Floating World, Teenage Dinosaur, Sparkplug, and Snakebomb.

Somnambulist Zine- I sell perzines. Themes include chronic illness, family, writing and creativity.

Sparkplug Books- Sparkplug has been publishing and distributing up-and-coming and challenging comics artists for over 10 years.

Stacy Russo- I’m a community college librarian and poet. I create poetry zines and zines about love, including book love.

Static Cloud- Static Cloud is both the home of Toronto’s DIY mag(azine) Static Zine and a distro encompassing zines by the editors, contributors and friends. Static Zine has a different theme each issue, and each page is designed by a different person. Past themes have included travel, fanzines, the future, mental health and food. Zines in the distro are on mental health, relationships, creative writing, observations, flirting, and comics, to name a few.

Suzette Smith- I write non fiction comics about Detroit called It’s Not That Bad. I write science fiction comics about the people who traverse space in sea shells. I make art prints about the subjectivity of objects. I hope to have a collection of essays to debut at the Symposium.

Sweet Candy Distro & Press- Sweet Candy carries over 200 zine titles in a variety of topics. We also publish books and would like to table a few of those titles along with our zines.

Taylor Dow- Taylor Dow makes black and white comics about birth. slime, and time-travel. He also makes prints of individual pieces and some minicomics.

Tom Lechner- Nightlife, Solids, Bicycle Propaganda, Consumption.

Tomas Moniz- Tomas Moniz writes zines and books about body parts, parenting, politics and assorted literary tomfoolery.

Tugboat Press- Clutch: A long running diary comic zine. Runner Runner: A comic book anthology.

Two Plum Press- Slim volumes with a uniform design concept, but varying content. Poetry, fiction, essays, travel writing, food writing, and unclassifiable mixes of narrative and visual art.

Tyler Hauck / Hot Milk- I like to write zines. I write about whatever I feel like writing about. I don’t know what else to say.

Ubernoo + Absurdunce- Zine varietals featuring drawings, photography, remixed media and textual textures. fine hand printed matter. Dada folk art. surrealist propaganda. Marvin Jackson lives.

Various Creative- Various Creative VARIOUS is a project of passion. A creative escape from the rules and regulations that plague many creative lives. This quarterly printed zine is the collected effort of creative minds from coast-to-coast. Come, have fun and enjoy the freedom.

We Are Stars- We Are Stars a 18-page zine about skinny-dipping, Bad Religion, and friendship. Assorted smaller zines featuring people, horses, wooden bowls, forests, rivers, and bad television.

the WOMEN group- the WOMEN group the WOMEN group is a collective of poets from the United States, all of whom met at least one other member at some point in Los Angeles, California. Although their origins are rooted in the United States, and more specifically Los Angeles, they look forward to expanding and printing various works from poets alike from all corners of the world.

zach!- Maker of fine zines and also somewhat less fine zines.

Zak Plum- My comic book series, Rites of Dionysus is a full-color modern mythology that unfolds in the dance music culture. This story chronicles the internal growth of Isaac, a queer freakazoid who blossoms into creative expression and spiritual realization in the electronic underground. It is a rebirth of mythical archetypes, with Dionysus as the DJ of a cosmic dance party.

ZAPP- ZAPP is the Zine Archive and Publishing Project, founded in 1996, ZAPP’s collection has grown from 1,500 to more than 20,000 zines, comics, chapbooks and other small press periodicals, making it one of the largest zine collections in the world. This extensive collection of rare and unique publications is open to the public. ZAPP is a friendly community where writers, artists and free thinkers alike can share their ideas and experiences through sketches, stamps and photocopies.

Zed Alexandra- My main work is called Beautiful Night, it is an ongoing comic about Herpes, the STD. It is presented through the lens of human experience, with many characters at different stages in their lives, each affecting one another. The themes of love, regret, identity and grief are within my other works which are smaller illustrated poems.

Zineworks- Distro and a collective of California zinesters.

Zombie Basil Press- Zombie Basil Press refers to the comix and zines written, illustrated, and published by Sarah Rosenblatt. Though Sarah likes to experiment with her use of different narrative forms, her work tends to revolve around current events, autobiographical content, and political and feminist analysis.


PZS’s Portland Gift Guide

We love supporting the incredible independent businesses in the Portland community. The sheer amount is amazing and inspiring. In our organizers alone, there’s Redux Wrapping (a gift wrapping service that uses all reused materials), Portland Button Works (a shop on Interstate Ave that sells & makes buttons, zines, patches, books, and more), and Antiquated Future (an online shop that sells zines, music, notebooks, handmade cards, and beyond).

Below is a short list of some of our favorites. Many of them have online storefronts as well, so whether you’re in Portland or not, check them out when doing your holiday shopping.

Floating World ComicsFloating World Comics

The best place to go and buy comics and zines in this town! The racks and shelves are overflowing with local and international contributions, and there is a large selection of street art/grafiti interest books as well.

400 NW Couch St



Give creatively! Sponsor a membership for the friend who needs that extra push. Or treat yourself to a membership to the coolest club in town. (After all, PZS is only 7 months away!)

1001 SE Division St

Mississippi RecordsMississippi Records

People come from around the world for the selection at this tiny record shop. Their mixtape series (which spans from noise pop to early rhythm & blues) make great gifts.

5202 N Albina Ave




Mother Foucault's BookshopMother Foucault’s

A hidden little bookshop in inner SE. If you are lucky enough to find the door open, you will find walls and shelves chock full of used books big and small. You won’t be able to shop online here, as “Mother Foucault’s is old-school: no computers, no email, no voicemail, no credit cards (cash or check only). Just magnificent books.” (from their unattended facebook page).

523 SE Morrison

Muse Art PortlandMuse

Art store with lots of paper goods. I love how everything is displayed in little stacks! Muse has a little of everything, and I often run into creative people stocking up!

4220 SE Hawthorne

Publication StudioPublication Studio

Book press located on SW Ankeny around the corner from Mary’s Club. Run and operated by two very able and creative ladies – you can buy book projects from local authors and artists, find blank journals to put your ideas in, as well as publish your own work in collaboration with PS. Many of these creations are made with lovely reclaimed materials.

717 SW Ankeny St


Scout BooksScout Books

Another precious little book press. Scout makes thousands of little brown books out of their bright yellow studio in SE, and also accepts custom orders. I personally carry one with me at all times!

2130 SE 10th Ave





Get crafty with your gifts and hit up this local go-to spot for reused materials and oddities.

2915 NE MLK Blvd.


tender loving empireTender Loving Empire

A shop and record label carrying everything Portland ever. Music from Portland favorites, (like their latest compilation Friends and Friends of Friends Vol 5) and many other delights. Especially for those who love special little things. Visit shop Downtown Portland or online.

412 SW 10th Ave

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