24 Hour Zine Challenge


Make a 24-page zine in 24 straight hours! Raise money for Portland Zine Symposium!

When: July 11-12, 2015 from 11am-11am

Where: IPRC (Independent Publishing Resource Center), 1001 SE Division, Portland OR

What: In order to meet the challenge, zinesters must create an original 24-page zine from conception to execution in 24 consecutive hours. Encourage your friends and family to sponsor your zine, marathon-style, with all donations benefitting Portland Zine Symposium. Sign up by emailing pdxzines@gmail.com

We’ll provide the coffee, basic zine supplies, and the venue. You make the zine!

INFO FOR CHALLENGERS: Please email pdxzines@gmail.com to reserve a spot. There is no fee to participate, but we do ask that you solicit pledges from friends and family in support of Portland Zine Symposium.

INFO FOR PLEDGERS: Click here to pledgeEveryone who pledges $10 or more will receive a copy of the completed zine.

2015 24-Hour Zine Challenge Participants:

Katie Ash, sponsored by Carolyn Campbell, Mary Breaden, Star Sadeghi, Ronni Hersch, Mike Jedlicka, Erin Goldwater, and Catherine Nyhan

Wyatt Rose Hack, sponsored by Heather Hack, Toni Preston, and Corinne Rupp

Webly Bowles

Claire Palermo

David Wood, sponsored by Nina Greeley and Carolyn Wood

Mary Higgins

Laura Lane

Shandon Schoonover

Ben Andersson


24-hour zine challenge FAQ

Is this a lock in? Am I allowed to leave?
-You do not need to stay inside the IPRC the entire time. You are free to come and go, or even leave altogether when you feel ready. You are also welcome to complete the challenge in the comfort of your own home – whatever feels right to you.

What do I need to bring?
-We will provide the space to make your zine, some basic zine supplies, knowledge & advice, and coffee (generously donated by Nossa Familia!). You are responsible for bringing any zine supplies essential to your project, food, blankets/pillows/sleeping bags, and anything else you want during the challenge!

How do I sign up?
-Email pdxzines@gmail.com to be listed as a challenger on our Facebook page and website.