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PZS 2017 EXHIBITOR INTERVIEWS: Comeback Magazine

This year PZS will have different exhibitors Saturday and Sunday. You will find Comeback Magazine on Saturday at table 36A.
Project name: Comeback Magazine
Project website/blog/social media presence: 
Insta + Twitter: @comebackmag
1-How did you get into zines? OR How were you introduced to zines?
I found zines when I was at a local cafe and they had a table with all types of zines laid out across it. The passion that was spilling out of each zine was incredibly inspiring, prompting me to jump on the computer and start learning how I could make my own. At the time, I had taken a break from my blog and was left with a lack of space to flex my creative muscle. I really missed it, but blogging had become a different world and I couldn’t dedicate the time to daily content.
With zines, I saw them as a way to bring the collaborative content of a blog into the real world. I loved being able to hold all these creative ideas and stories in my hands and bring design into the real world. I love sharing them with friends and sending them to people all over the world, anxiously waiting for the package to arrive at their front steps.
2-If you didn’t make zines, what do you think you’d be doing?
I’ve always loved continuously creating new content as ideas come up and the world changes. Because of this, I’d most likely be finding a creative project to focus on, such as designing or photography, that would push me to new areas and has a mission that I can get behind. It doesn’t matter what the creative project is, however, as I love learning new techniques or forms of making.
3-What are your inspirations?
My inspirations range from beautiful photos I pass by on Instagram a stunning group of colors I see on a shopping bag. The world around me is my biggest inspiration, and if nothing seems to pop out at me at the moment, I find that messing around and freely experimenting can uncover inspiration just as well.
4-What projects do you have lined up for 2017?
Currently working on publishing the rest of the issues for the year, and am planning to attend many more events throughout the year! Hopefully, I’ll be releasing some new projects, like stickers and mini books. 🙂
5-Our theme for this year is the Apocalypse. What 3 things would you want to have with you to survive?
To survive is a whole different question than what I would save. So for that, I’d go with the absolute essentials: thai food, a swiss army knife, and a really thick, warm coat that’s lined with flannel on the inside.