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PZS 2017 EXHIBITOR INTERVIEWS: Parody Poetry Journal

This year PZS will have different exhibitors Saturday and Sunday. You will find Parody Poetry Journal on Sunday.
Project name: Parody Poetry Journal
Project website/blog/social media presence:
How did you get into zines? OR How were you introduced to zines?
I met Sopphey Vance (www.sopphey.com) while attending Rochester Institute of Technology. She formed a small group of literary projects, and, as part of that, she encouraged me to bring Parody to life.
If you didn’t make zines, what do you think you’d be doing?
Outside of publishing and writing, other topics that always catch my attention are algorithms and neuroscience. I guess I’d probably be spending more time trying to figure out intelligence (machine, animal, etc.) or otherwise pretending to be a hacker.
What are your inspirations?
“Weird Al” and his knack for swapping out the words of other musicians has been a major influence. The writing of E.E. Cummings pushed me toward a deeper interest in poetry. Combining these two, I had written a parody of an E.E. Cummings poem, which was one of the first that I started submitting for publication. When I couldn’t find a magazine that seemed interested in publishing the parody, I decided to create a space where other poets and I could engage with literature in a way that makes sense to me. That space is Parody.
What projects do you have lined up for 2017?
Parody is an ongoing publication that always demands my attention. Here in Portland, I’m teaming up with a musician friend, Joe Kye (www.joekye.com), to host a new monthly “Open Stage” for performers of all identifications. We’ll be using the space at F&B Cafe on the Park Ave blocks (by the elephant statues on Burnside).
Our theme for this year is the Apocalypse. What 3 things would you want to have with you to survive?
Another human (or several)
Ceramic Mug for hot drinks
Keys to the library