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Portland Zine Symposium / Exhibitor Interviews  / PZS 2017 EXHIBITOR INTERVIEWS: Smuttywood


This year PZS will have different exhibitors Saturday and Sunday. You will find Smuttywood on Sunday.
Project Name: Smuttywood
 I was introduced to zines when I was in high school. I joined an art magazine/club called “Jabberwocky” that was about celebrating poetry and the visual arts and produced this magazine once a semester. Anyone in school was able to submit a poem, drawings or photographs and then the club would have a silent vote to help us curate the magazine in the fairest way. Since we had a low budget to produce it, It was formatted as a zine. I thought it was an amazing platform for us to connect, distribute and channel our creativity.
I always wanted to be a comedy writer when I was a kid. Comedy has always influenced my art and how I cope with the inevitable stresses brought on by life. I am also fascinated by various types of relationships and sex. Comedy and sexuality goes hand in hand to me and making zines are my favorite way to display my theories, observations and jokes about sexuality,politics and pop culture.
If I wasn’t making zines about dicks, I’d have to come up with another way to make my mom’s eyes roll.
I have a few new zines coming!! One is called Muff Fluff and i’m super excited to debut it at PZS! I also will be bringing my “Fight Back” uterus stickers and buttons, 100% of the proceeds are donated to Planned Parenthood.
Three things I would be to survive an Apocalypse would be a Swiss Army knife, a Costco sized jug of iodine and a can o’ spam.