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PZS 2017 EXHIBITOR INTERVIEW: Tijuana Zine Fest 

This year PZS will have different exhibitors Saturday and Sunday. You will find Tijuana Zine Fest on Sunday.
Project name:
Tijuana Zine Fest
Project website/blog/social media presence:
1-How did you get into zines? OR How were you introduced to zines?
We’ve been trying to remember, can’t be sure, but one of the first DIY publications we collected was Bulbo Press – it wasn’t called a zine, but we like to understand independent publications under a single umbrella. Also learning about Posada’s broadsides around Mexican revolution times was particularly inspiring. Funnily, religious pamphlets were also a part of our lives at some point. I think it was a gradual acknowledgement of publications as something accessible. Realizing that things that are formally published are not necessarily good, but sellable, and that putting your work out there is a radical act in itself, a gradual eradication of hierarchies.
2-If you didn’t make zines, what do you think you’d be doing?
Doodling and dancing. Also, making stage decorations. We still do all these, so that’s not the right answer. Not sure if anything else could fulfill what zines provide, maybe making youtube videos, but we’re shy and we love paper, so we’ll stick to zines.
3-What are your inspirations?
Life at different scales. Daily life. La Frontera. The simultaneity of beauty and misery. People’s first zines!
4-What projects do you have lined up for 2017?
We have our own zine fest in Tijuana on July 15th. Then hoping to drive across country, make a photo and illustration zine, or a couple, and hopefully meet rad people along the way!
5-Our theme for this year is the Apocalypse. What 3 things would you want to have with you to survive?
Zine pup Cora, sketchbook and pens, coffee.