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PZS 2017 Exhibitor Interview: Phil Gerigscott

This year PZS will have different exhibitors Saturday and Sunday. You will find Phil Gerigscott tabling on Sunday.
How did you get into zines? OR How were you introduced to zines?


I’ve been reading and creating comic books since about the time I started wearing big boy pants, but I didn’t get into zines until college. After attending my first zine fest, CAKE, I was totally hooked. The creative freedom and homegrown eccentricity of zine culture is invigorating.


If you didn’t make zines, what do you think you’d be doing?


I’d probably just do more of what I already do: make music, weed the garlic, check my email, hide my fingernails under seat cushions, sit on the ground, blend bananas, order glasses online.


What are your inspirations?


My inspiration comes from a balance of being around creative people and not being around any people. Some artists that rile me up are Phil Elverum, Andy Douglas Day, Tove Jansson, Jeffrey Brown, Brecht Vandenbrocke.


What projects do you have lined up for 2017?


I’d like to write a mellow album this summer and focus on doing more writing in general. Words and stuff. I’m currently lacking a literary elegance that I’d like to tap into again.


Our theme for this year is the Apocalypse. What 3 things would you want to have with you to survive? 


honeybees (long story–ask me about it), peanut butter (not a long story, I just love it), and a hat so my hair doesn’t get too puffy.


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