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PZS Exhibitor: Meg Adamson

Where do you live?

Ive been living in Portland Oregon for the las 10 years, originally from Las Vegas NV. 

If this is your first time tabling at Portland Zine Symposium, what excites you most about Portland and its zine community?

-Im stoked that the zine community is still around and going strong, and glad I finally got around to participating in the Zine Symposium this year. Zines have been a big part of my mental formation from a young age. Im proud to call myself an independent artist, still having fun making zines with my friends 16 years later.

Share with us an image of you creating and/or your creative space. What is your zine-making process?

-Having ideas, getting my friends excited to be involved, coffee, research, tea, drawing, tea, drawing, coffee, drawing, forgetting, oh shit, nagging my friends, editing, cutting, taping, scanning, panicking, threatening friends, editing, wine, more editing, kinkos, whiskey.
How do you keep inspired?
The encouragement of my community and friends and the amazing and different creative energy they are capable of, the ongoing energy of Portland’s punk community, and also being surrounded by the natural wonders of the Pacific northwest.

If you could give your 16th year old teen self a zine, which one would it be?

Hmm… still just glad Danny lent me his copy of Burn Collector 1. maybe I would go back and return it to him when I was done instead of keeping it to read again and losing it on the bus.

What are you working on for this year’s Portland Zine Symposium? Share with us some photos of your new work!

I’m working with a group of friends who’s work I admire and collaborate with often on a new art zine series called “Dreg Collective” and another zine, “Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest” a pocket field guide for our hometown Lepidoptera lovers, hand illustrated by myself.
from Dreg Collective #1 –
And From “Butterflies and Moths of the Pacific Northwest” –