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PZS Exhibitor: Sacred Feminine Consciousness Projects

We’ll be posting short interviews each day with the many exhibitors tabling at the 2016 Zine Symposium. Come meet all of these amazing zinesters, Saturday July 9th at Ambridge Event Center here in Portland, OR. Remember, there is only 1 day of tabling at this year’s Symposium. On Sunday July 10th, you’ll find us hosting a Skillshare day at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Keep checking in with the site for additional exhibitor interviews, workshop and panel schedules, and fun events leading up to the Symposium.

We are Sacred Feminine Consciousness Projects 
Where do you live?

We just moved to Los Angeles in March, 2016. We moved here from Portland via Oakland! 

If this is your first time tabling at Portland Zine Symposium, what excites you most about Portland and its zine community?

As an active member in Portland’s creative scenes from 2008-2013, I have had my fair share of experience of working with Portland’s Zine community! I love the city’s underground, laid back, collaborative, and intersectional ethos. I am inspired by the ways in which people in Portland create magic out of seemingly ordinary objects/situations and how supportive our communities can be! 
Share with us an image of you creating and/or your creative space. What is your zine-making process?
I am attaching an image showing two altar spaces that I keep in my creative space. It is currently housed within a small studio apartment in Westlake, Los Angeles. Ritual, spirituality, and creativity are deeply interwoven in our lives and therefore, it is important for us to use whatever space we can to imbue our home and make-shift studio with these elements.

How do you keep inspired?

I love meeting new people and bringing seemingly disparate events together. One of the words I love most is “consilience,” or a weaving together of elements into a whole. This could be done at the cognitive, academic level, at the somatic/embodied level, at the relational level, at the creative level, etc. It is this type of “coming together” that truly inspires me and gives me a BOLT of energy! 

If you could give your 16th year old teen self a zine, which one would it be?

I would give myself Suzy Gonzalez’s Vegan-Feminist Perspectives Zine. It breaks down how species-ism is a feminist issue and how the sacred feminine has been coopted and damaged by our mechanistic/hyper-masculine system. Essential learning for our young 16 year old selves! 

What are you working on for this year’s Portland Zine Symposium? Share with us some photos of your new work!
We have been working on zines about the sacred feminine (mostly through brown and queer/trans lenses) and sacred objects, also known as, artesanias, inspired by our ancestors, our relatives, and contemporary queer & trans witches/wizards/energy workers/healers/artists/etc. Our hope is to make items people can use in their personal devotional/energy practices and for personal altar spaces. All items represent the creative feminine in all her DIVINE being! Goddess bless! I am including photos of the sacred feminine zine, our “It’s ok to not be a bear” zine, sacred candles, votives, and spell books. 
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