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PZS Exhibitor: Alex & James of Crazed Pixel Comics

We’ll be posting short interviews each day with the many exhibitors tabling at the 2016 Zine Symposium. Come meet all of these amazing zinesters, Saturday July 9th at Ambridge Event Center here in Portland, OR. Remember, there is only 1 day of tabling at this year’s Symposium. On Sunday July 10th, you’ll find us hosting a Skillshare day at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Keep checking in with the site for additional exhibitor interviews, workshop and panel schedules, and fun events leading up to the Symposium.

Where do you live?
We live in the Southern Portland Metro Area.

If this is your first time tabling at Portland Zine Symposium, what excites you most about Portland and its zine community?

2nd time! We love meeting like-minded people and a variety of artists.
Share with us an image of you creating and/or your creative space. What is your zine-making process?
Write/storyboard it. Art. Art. Rewrite. Art. Madly rush about getting everything crammed together, printed, stapled and folded.
We both have our own methods, but they’re rather similar. Pencils and inks are executed traditionally, with Alex laying beautiful, layered greys upon many of her pieces, before a final scan to level the work. Colored pieces are most often done digitally, before exporting for web, print, or both.
How do you keep inspired?
We joke and BS a lot! This tends to spring forward zany ideas that then get trimmed down to manageable sizes. Various photos, figure studies, and locations/decor, or photos of, are excellent as well. James is a big fan of Jamie Hernandez, and has been stalking his inspirations. Finally, music. Always music!
If you could give your 16th year old teen self a zine, which one would it be?
One that just explains how simple it is to create your own zines and comics and encourages DOING it!
What are you working on for this year’s Portland Zine Symposium?
Alex has a gorgeous brand new 18+ art book and James will be sporting a short comic that was not around for the 2015 Symposium, though both of these had predecessors available last year. We also have a couple of fun 5×7 prints.