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PZS Exhibitor: Nathaniel Smith of Tiny Ornithopter

We’ll be posting short interviews each day with the many exhibitors tabling at the 2016 Zine Symposium. Come meet all of these amazing zinesters, Saturday July 9th at Ambridge Event Center here in Portland, OR. Remember, there is only 1 day of tabling at this year’s Symposium. On Sunday July 10th, you’ll find us hosting a Skillshare day at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Keep checking in with the site for additional exhibitor interviews, workshop and panel schedules, and fun events leading up to the Symposium.

Where do you live?

Northeast Portland.

If this is your first time tabling at Portland Zine Symposium, what excites you most about Portland and its zine community?

It’s my second time.

Share with us an image of you creating and/or your creative space. What is your zine-making process?

This is a picture of me saddle stitching a bunch of home-printed poetry collections. My process is doing book layout in either Scribus or Libreoffice and then printing, at home, the book in booklet form. I saddle stitch each copy by hand and finish with a face trim in a big ol’ paper cutter I found cheap online.

How do you keep inspired?

Reading all the time and exploring lots of weird old VHS and media from the 80s.

If you could give your 16th year old teen self a zine, which one would it be?

I met Zac Finger ( http://zacfinger.com/ ) who was tabling next to me last year and his cyberpunk comics would have blown my 16 year old mind pretty hard.

What are you working on for this year’s Portland Zine Symposium? Share with us some photos of your new work!

I’ve finished a new cut-up poetry collection called Save Scum. It’s cut up from over 40 video game FAQs and walkthroughs. It reads like a series of little guides to a surrealist, virtual life.
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