PZS’ 10th Anniversary Zine

The Portland Zine Symposium organizers are pleased to announce that we will be putting out a Special Edition, 10th Anniversary Program.

Special Edition Program? What for? Well, as you may have noticed last year and years prior, Portland Zine Symposium has a program to help attendees navigate PZS that we make available for free. It usually includes a workshop schedule, some basic information about PZS, and a survey for feedback. Last year, it even included a list of tablers!

This year, in light of our 10th anniversary, we’re going to be offering two different programs.

One will list all the workshops and basic info and be available for free.

The second, more awesome program, will be a multi-page guide/zine to the Portland Zine Sympusium! It will list all tablers*, include interviews with historic PZS guests, contain a few coupons to local businesses, list all the workshops, and even provide fun and ziney activities to work on!

When you register, be on the lookout for a special question in your form, “Would you like to preorder a Special Edition, 10th Anniversary Program?” It adds just $1 to your donation total and ensures you will get the guaranteed-to-be-popular, zine style program we’re cooking up for the 10th anniversary of PZS! Attendees will also be able to purchase them at the fest, but we highly recommend preordering so that we know how many to print and so that you’re guaranteed to get your copy!

As a Portland local business, zine distro, or other zine-related organization, you have several opportunities to support PZS this year, through monetary donation, through donations of supplies/goods, or by purchasing ad space in the 10th Anniversary, Special Edition Program.

Purchasing ad space in the special edition program both supports the printing of the program and the convention itself, while giving zinesters a chance to learn about your local or zine-related business.. Make your ad a coupon and we’re sure you’ll drum up some new business!

You can request** to purchase ad space in the program at $10 for an eighth of a page, $25 for a quarter of a page, $50 for half a page, and $100 for a full page. Ad space is going to be VERY limited, so put in your request today!

*You MUST register before July 15th to be included in the tabling list in the program

**PZS organizers will review all ad requests together and reserve the right to deny any ad requests we that don’t follow in with the spirit of PZS.

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